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  1. To overwrite the exe do I just drag the hyperspin 1.4 folder into the hyperspin 1.33 folder and overwrite?
  2. Huge thanks very well explained, lot of people could learn from you!
  3. Yes completely New To Hyperspin, I use GameEx at the moment,for 3 years! but I really like Hyperspin so bear with me please. So I have Hyperspin 1.4 ? and Rocket launcher and Hyperspin 1.3.3 so what do I run first in which order? and how do I overwrite the 1.3.3 exe? sorry about this but tried to use Hyperspin when it first came out and found it very daunting! it still is! there should be a Tutorial for newbies with the latest software! there are some on youtube but they are out of date.
  4. So if I run Hyperspin 1.3.3 and then overwrite it with 1.4 will HyperLaunch be still included or do you recommend using Rocket launch?. I read that I should do this, but how do you overwrite it?
  5. I think I have read somewhere that Hyperlaunch is included in the latest 1.4 version of Hyperspin, is this correct?
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