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  2. In the rom folder... again, it plays when launched from HS which I find odd.
  3. Its just set to my roms folder...which is right in the mame folder. All other games play fine. Again, no big deal as they launch from the frontend...I am just trying to figure it out. Appreciate the response!
  4. I have two pretty recent versions of MAME (167 and 174). When I attempt to launch a game (specifically all the Metal Slugs) directly in MAME I get the standard red box notification of missing CHD or parent roms. Which, I believe I have. However, when I launch any of these games directly from HyperSpin it starts no problem. I am just curious if anyone knows how and why that could be? An XML thing? Thanks! Matt
  5. Thanks again! Your setups look great! Would you mind sharing your horizont.ini? Last night I did figure out that I was really overthinking this Have a good one! Matt
  6. Thx again.... I think I figured it out. Just a bit different than the old way. Google searching can sometimes be frustrating sifting thru everything. Still not 100% sure on which files go where exactly, raster, vertical, horizontal, etc...I will get it sorted out with a bit more searching... I just need to work on a few values...seem to be getting a slight moire effect on dark backgrounds. Getting it there is part of the fun.
  7. Thanks Metal. Just to be clear... should I save them on a per game ini? If so, do I put that in the Ini file or the presets file now? Im away from my computer at the moment to test. Again, appreciate the assist. Matt
  8. Hello all. Happy Fathers Day. So I recently updated my MAME from 169 to 173. Been playing around with the new HLSL settings on and off most all day. Simple question...and I have seen it mentioned but can not find an answer, if there is one.... Some of the slider settings, for example, screen jidder, round corners will not save. I have tried wiping the cfg's and setting a game specific ini. I am wondering if I am not understanding the new hierarcy of the ini structure? If anyone else has figured out a solution I would appreciate the advice. Thanks!
  9. How did you get the off screen reload to work...if you dont mind me asking? Thanks
  10. Thanks Torden! That was it...i was using an old copy of HS 1.2 for a side project. It wasn't in that database but was in my current 1.4. Knew it would be simple. Im just not enough of a HS veteran to know all the boxes on the checklist to mark when problem solving. Appreciate the assist! Matt
  11. So I am trying to get dkongx to show on my Mame wheel. I have the game up and running in Mame itself but no matter what I try I can not set Hyperspin to recognize the game. I have the names of the appropiate (zip) files correct (theme, wheel art, video). I have tried all the likely wheel settings that would seem appropriate. "Parents Only," and those things. I dont understand why the wheel art will not be displayed....missing something obvious? Thanks in advance for any advice. Matt
  12. I could just never get Rocket Launcher to work right. Again, with only one, dedicated wheel it seemed like overkill. It just started doing this a few weeks back whe I upgraded to the latest version of Mame... Cant figure out if its a HS situation or mame situation. Thanks for the reply. It is appreciated! Matt
  13. No... Never had the need to. Just using HyperHQ to set up HS... Dedicated MAME wheel. Could it be that simple?
  14. Bump for any thoughts...could it be as simple as a slow GPU? Thx
  15. Hello all... Just a quick question. Most all my questions are answered just by reading thru the forums...not finding much on this tho. Recently updated my MAME from .144 to .167 to take advantage of the new HLSL/GLSL stuff and am loving learning and playing around with all those settings. However after updating and compiling a no nag, hi score version a new "bug" has arisen. Every time I select OR exit a game I get a blank, black window that flashes up as the game opens or closes. Lasts any where for the blink of an eye to close to 2 seconds... No big deal really...but it did not happen before and just kind of annoys me Any advice or help is appreciated! Thanks!
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