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  1. hows your coming along

  2. I can donate an ipac2! You forgot about that. :-)
  3. Question, anybody know of a good grill that would fit the vishay?
  4. I'm waiting patiently for my controller....ok not so patiently.....lol
  5. Yes, I got mine too, also red. It was about $225 or so, I couldnt justify another $100 for orange, if it doesnt look good I'll be surprised (and annoyed!). That said, I hope I dont have to wait toooooo long for the dmd-controller. I think I came to this party late and will be waiting a long while. :-(
  6. Thanks Sacred, just ordered a red vishay for $226 including shipping at that site! Sad to see that boards wont be ready for a while, darn, I still have plenty to do to finish my build but will hopefully be done soon. Russ, I'll get my name in for your next batch!
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