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  1. Hey chris, Where did you get that shaker from! Do you have a link where I could get one or one similar And If I could also get the exact model numbers of the cree led's and the componets that you used. I also seen on that website that they have these http://www.led-tech.de/en/High-Power-Supply/LED-Profile-CoverLine-c_106_151.html . Could this be used and top mount it onto of the back box. Another question, How is it all conected to the cree leds. So the four wires one for common power and four for ground for each color. Do you have to solder them onto the board directly or is there a connector.
  2. Looks Great!!!!! I now need to order some LED's......
  3. That's why I'm slowly doing mine.... Can't wait for the software and looks awsome chris...
  4. THATS what I'm talking about!!!!!! Nice work...
  5. Hey. do you have any idea how to change the thread title by chance

  6. Are you sure about those measurments? I looked on the best buy website for the 42" lg 450 model number 42ld450 and it has a case hieght without the stand of 63.5cm which is only 25"?
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