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  1. Hi all, I just decided to add light guns to my setup as part of a refresh (needed to do something during this COVD rubbish). I'm looking for some suggestions on how people route the cables for their guns? I don't want to restrict the movement or length to much but don't want them just hanging on the floor... Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.
  2. Cheers guys, greatly appreciated. I guess I just need to decide if I'm basically doing a "fresh" build if it's worth starting up to date, I guess it will also support Windows 10 better as well.... I've seen the newer version of MAME looks a lot different from what I remember so I'll have a think. Thanks for the info on the clones, I do seem to remember something about this now, it's been far to long since I set it all up. And recently I've been playing around with Pinball ROMS that are completely different. Thanks again, lets see what I can break tonight 😂.
  3. Hi all, OK so I've decided to give my old machine an update as it hasn't really seen much use for a while and it was originally built and setup a very scary 7 years ago 🤯. So I've got a new PC, monitor and got Hyperspin and RL setup and got the old stuff up and running (from what I can see so far), now.... everything is old MAME is on 0.152 and obviously everything else is around the 7 years old mark. Also I'd forgotten that I have loads of duplicate versions of games i.e. what seems like about 30 versions of street fighter II, along with many others I guess question one is should I get the latest MAME 0.226 from a glance, or any other version I should look for? and two how do I get rid of all these versions of the games? and lastly anything else I should be looking out for that has changed in the years I've been away 🤣? Cheers guys, (please be gentle...)
  4. Thanks for the reply and information, I had already been playing with Pinup Popper but when I remembered how easy the media etc was to get on Hyperspin I had a moment of OOoooOOoo....I wonder??? Ah well back to plan A 😁..
  5. OK so I'm looking for a bit if guidance please. A few years ago I built an arcade cabinet and used HyperSpin, I worked great so this year I decided to build a Pinball cabinet (picture of the build so far below) I'm waiting on a few things to get it finished so I thought it was a good time to update and refresh the Arcade machine (as it's not had much use for a while). Whilst trying to get my head back into the arcade setup rather than Pinball I noticed that there seems to be support for Pinball emulators etc. within Hyperspin/Hyperpin. Would either of these be a good option for my Pinball cabinet? I've got a 3 screen setup (Playfield, DMD/Topper and Back glass), I've got the emulators (VPX and Future Pinball) just about sorted, I love the Hyperspin front end on the Arcade especially with the Hypersync etc. I know there are other front ends for the Pinball cabinets but if I can keep both machines on the same setup it "should" be easier for me to manage. Thanks in advance.
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