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  1. Hi all, I recently noticed in my Hyperspin that the Mame game VIMANA had no sound in the wheel and neither in the game? even on youtube I noticed that Vimana in HS had no sound... This is weird since there are several Toaplan games on HS like Truxton 2 etc. which work fine. Does anybody know if there is a fix for it or is there a 100% version available now? Thank you in advance. Regards
  2. Hi Adamg, Thank you so much for your explantion! To be honest my knowlegde of a PC is very low, got no one overhere who could help me, therefore I had no other option then to buy there product, but thanks to them I`m now enjoying the Hyperspin very much and love my selfmade console every day. Hyperspin is the best thing that crossed my path, and I`m so gratefull for all the guys overhere who made this posible. Regards
  3. Dear THK, Thank you so much for your information. Regards
  4. Hello Badboo, Thank you for your reply. I also discoverd his FB page but have no idea what they are telling over there sorry. Regards
  5. Hello Spawk, Thank you for your reply. Well to me it looks nice and clean, and easier to read then the one I got... can I download this Hyperspin version somewhere or is this out of the question ? Really got no clue which version this is.... Regards
  6. Hi Adamg, I got mine from Dreamhomearcades in the States, Thank you for your reply. Regards
  7. Dear All, I`m new here and love my Hyperspin, love the old school games and Arcade games, to me Hyperspin is the best thing i`ve ever seen so far. But.. I just discoverd a amazing hyperspin on youtube, I can not post a link here ? maybe it`s not allowed or because I`m new, but if you type in at youtube "hyperspin 2016 " you will notice this one fast, it`s from a person called Daniel Besteti,, maybe he is a member overhere ? I`ve never seen such a clean and nice Hyperspin before, maybe a stupid question but does any one know where I can find this Hyperspin perhaps ? Thank you in advance. Regards Gyruss
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