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  1. not illegal, but you need to be a member of a airsoft club, attend 3 meetings and then you can purchase an RFI, but you have to re-qualify each year.
  2. Thats a great idea...even if i don't use them!! Interesting, just looked into this....Deadpools guns are Desert Eagles....although it would seem owning, or importing anything that looks realistic would be illegal in the uk, even if they are for use in an arcade cabinet. Anyone from UK ever done something similar?
  3. Yeah, its just the render. The actual design is spot on, in terms of physical. The reason there is a hard corner on the marquee area is I want the speakers in the marquee area pointing straight down so need the overhang to accommodate the speakers and grille. (Ignore the joystick placement, its now recessed so more of the stick comes out the top.
  4. I think your right :-)
  5. not sure that would work. The sloped area is the 32" lcd
  6. Hi All, Am going to be attempting my own Hyperspin build, from the ground up so hopefully lots of you that have done it before will be able to help me and give me a few pointers. I'm designing the cabinet layout and will be getting all the panels cnc cut. The theme I am going for is a Deadpool theme, so black and red as the main theme colours. What do you think of this as the side panels?
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