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  1. That's genius. Shmuppers forever. That can fit literally any vertical game / Hyperspin, so play it to your heart's content.
  2. Oops, EXCCUUUUUUUUUUUSE me.. I'll go an edit that right now. In all seriousness though, great job on the artwork. It'll go great with other games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill as well... wait, those arent arcade games, but hyperspin has the list support, so why not?
  3. This would go great With The House of the Dead Series... Combine the artwork with the hillariously bad voice acting, then PRESTO. You have yourself a 50's B Movie at it's finest. COME! And find out What happens to TheIronRachel! SEE! How Much she laughs at DAHMES (James) and ROWHGUN (Rogan) FEEL! The terror of how well it all ties into the horror theory!
  4. That's a nice looking bartop. Great for placing it on your kitchen, bedroom, or office. I'd also assume that the smaller screen would give you a better ability to focus on your hitbox in DoDonPachi DaiOuJou. My Bigger Monitor isn't neccisarily the best bet for things like Hibachi / Death label.
  5. Alright, You've got quite a project on your hands. It'd be great for Capcom CPS / Naomi games in that regard since EVERYONE loves to use these in arcades that still exist all around the world. It's A Conversion cab, but without 10x the hassle of swapping the games every time. Congrats, you deserved it, rdhanded2!
  6. Well, Now You've got yourself pretty snazzy looking artwork that fits Liu-Kang. And the HyperTheme, for that matter. Now go QCF PUNCH and rip someone's head off. Great work, you deserve the gory fatalities!
  7. Hmmm.. I might consider using this service one of these days... That black DOES get kinda drab after a while, and spicing up the 4 Player Cab wouldn't be such a bad idea...
  8. This is very convenient for players wishing to save their high scores, and I have to say, It's more efficient than taking a picture of the screen to submit something, but I still insist on recording the game for world record purposes. Proof is essential in those cases.
  9. You know you have to have it. And You know I not only like Hyperspin..I LOVE IT. I downloaded it using my old account (KenshiroRE) and I'm still using it to this day. Once a user, always a user!
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