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  1. I got just the USB hooked up and they work in game but i can not get them to work in Hyperspin to move the wheel? I set them up in hyperHQ under Joysticks and even did the identify on the top for controllers 1 and 2 but they still do not work in hyper spin? I have Joystick enabled Checked but also have Keyboard enabled on the keyboard tab so that the control panel buttons work to exit and enter games and systems. what am i doing wrong? I also ordered normal 8 way Happ contols if i can not get these figured out
  2. I will email Andy. Its a cool controller i just cant get it to work the way i need. Thanks
  3. I have UltraStiks set up for players 1 and 2 tried to hook through my ipac4. i can not get them turn on. have them wired to +5 and ground. I get them to turn on when i plug a USB into them. They work hooked to USB and IPAc but when i play my gamepad on say N64 and go back to mame they controls change from say JOY 1 to Joy 3. I need then to be solid to 1 JOY or preferable not joy just Keyboard entries. How would i fix this. If i could only get the +5 and ground to power them up like USB does. I do not know why the green light will not light when plugged into the IPAC 4 plugged into +5 and GND.
  4. Yeah, these games are mostly available through steam. I get them through torrents and buy the few I really like. And come across some new ones sometimes as I look for great deals in the store.

  5. Do you use Steam to play these PC games? Great art work on the themes. I am lookin got games like you have listed in your PC games to my arcade machine. Just trying to figure out how to do it. will steam work? Thanks

  6. i PM'ed him VPforums. when do they start shipping?
  7. i want one are they available yet? Just about to start a build
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