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  1. Installed newest WIP on my cab last night. Works great! Thanks for all your guys hardwork and time put in. It really adds a lot to the already great HyperPin software!
  2. I experienced both of these issues regularly when I used Windows 7. I switched to XP and both issues went away completely. I have had nothing but an improved cab experience after switching to XP.
  3. Installed latest beta. Works great. The added Big Boss code is great. I can now play Who Dunnit! Thank you!
  4. Check that, it is not the Pause image but the Rendering Image that hangs. The table has loaded but does not show up until I do something like press Pause to actually Pause and then un-Pause. But it is very inconsistent. I just replaced my modified 295 with your original 295. So far I have not seen this issue again.
  5. For me it is always at the moment I load the table.
  6. I experience this too on VP. I get the HyperPin table selection image and the Pause image. When I push Pause the table restores and plays fine. Doesn't happen every time.
  7. Yes, Yes, and Yes Maybe with some luck the next nvidia driver release will fix it. Everyting works with FPLaunch so if we could just get the backglass to show up on FP load. I have tested a lot of combinations of setting changes in FP and my PC display settings trying to get it to work and never found anything showed any change in the behavior. Nvidia driver 260.99 works for FP backglass but breaks FPLaunch. Any newer nvidia driver fails to show the FP Backglass on table load but all FPLaunch features work great. A bug report has been logged with nvidia.
  8. I don't get that error when running that table. Is there a reason you are running an older version of VPinMAME?
  9. The new suggestions did not work. I contacted nvidia and worked with their live chat support but the only conclusion they came to was that it is a bug and they submitted a bug ticket. I have rolled back to the working driver for now. Is there anyway you can make it so that the FP Pause just shows the FP Pause screen? Right now, with that working driver I get a black screen with the blue Pause image overlay so I don't see any high scores. I would rather have the high scores. If it is too much trouble I understand. Other than that the Exit321 works 80% of the time. Maybe adjusting my key-repeat will improve that. Thanks.
  10. They added volume up and volume down bindable keys in VP. I bind them to my cabs flyer and rules buttons so that when in VP game I can easily volume up and down. When I am in HyperPin they work as labeled (Flyer and Rules). I looked though I think 908 includes the volume keys.
  11. I myself would not want the default to be 908. I use the volume settings and I don't think they showed up until 909? So far the only table I have run into problems with on 912 is Who Dunnit. Which is a bummer because the wife and I really like that table.
  12. Answers: do you have scores on backglass on first start before you enter any pause? No (for example when I load Indiana Jones in the DMD area I see the image of Indiana and the text Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure). And do you have scores on backglass when you run FP outside of hyperpin? No, not at start up. If I Alt-Tab it updates the backglass with the current game in progress score but when I Alt-Tab back to the table the backglass then is not active. why do you have hyperpin video running all the time? it should close, can you disable it and see if it helps? That is actually my desktop image, looks just like the video. I have the USB IPAC2 and will look up the registry adjustment to change the key-repeat timing. Thanks!
  13. Man, I think you're close. Instead of my desktop I end up with a static backglass for the FP table I am playing. When I click on Pause it updates the backglass and shows the correct score but when I un-Pause it becomes static again. By static I mean no lights, no scoring, just the image. Everything in FPLaunch works great though. The Pause shows the high scores and the blue Pause logo overlayed on the table. The Exit321 is overlayed on the table (it was just a black background with the older nvida driver). It feels like get better table performance in VP and FP with the newer drivers too. If I could just get the FP Backglass to show up and be active. FYI - I added the WinActivate code above to your 295 beta and am now using the newest certified nvida driver. If it helps here is an image of available windows I have when I alt-tab during an active FP game.
  14. I hadn't added the gui destroy. I did and did not get the error message but I still had issues with exiting FP. It works occasionally then fails with different results. Perhaps more testing would reveal a pattern. At one point after a failed exit it came back to the table with a black screen and the blue Pause image but the table was active underneath. When I hit the pause button the standard FP Pause screen would come up with the FP High Scores and the table in the background with the table truly paused. Hitting Pause again would send me back to the black background with blue Pause image and an active table underneath. I am worried about you spending so much time on this as I really feel that the issue is how Nvidia's 260.99 drivers are handling the active screens. Out of 5 different driver versions 4 of them work with FP Launch but those 4 break Future Pinball because upon table load the Future Pinball backglass is in the background. Another sign that the nvida driver I am using is not quite right, the one that leaves FP backglass in front, is that when scaling my FP tables the scaling moves super slow. To stretch the table and backglass into position or move them around goes WAY slow. The scaling process is very fast and responsive on all of the other nvidia drivers. Also with the other drivers my tables out of scale meaning I have to rescale them all ... which is fine if we end up with that as I think they are the better drivers. My current driver also breaks settingsons printscreengen application but his app works with all of the other nvida drivers. I do not know of any key delay setting for the IPAC. I have not loaded AHK Compiler on my cab and haven't been able to test the key response yet. I have noticed an issue on my cab that could be effecting FPLaunch. It seems that if I hold in a button for say 6-10 seconds (i.e. holding the flipper to get the table status) my IPAC and Keyboard will all become unresponsive. I have to hard boot to get my keyboard back. This was not an issue before I installed my new hardware. I am not sure what is causing it. If anyone has any ideas please chime in. It is a consistent problem. Happens every time I try and get the table status via the DMD. It never happens when using Exit321 though and Exit321 works perfect for VP on my cab. Any thoughts I trying to add code to force FP backglass to be in the front? If that would be possible I could switch to the newer nvidia driver and FPLaunch will be working great. Thanks for all your work on this!
  15. Ok, I found where to add the code. It appears the task bar on top is fixed although I will need more test time. The exiting FP is still not working 100%. I ran into the same error message. Note that I am using nvidia drivers 260.99. I think everything works in FPLaunch with the newest nvidia drivers (266.99) but it I don't use it because that version leaves the FP backglass in the background on launch.
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