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  1. No I don't think I am, is it the top /emulator path I change to mame instead of neo geo?
  2. I added it as removable storage, seems to be working okay. Few of the wheels look a bit broke (neo geo etc) so going to tinker with it one system at a time
  3. Ps I also get a tick box asking if I want to default open ES file explorer when this is USB device is connected
  4. Okay so I went wrong last time at this first step Plugged the hard drive in, do I select; a; Use as removable storage Or b; Set up as internal storage
  5. I think my USB HDD (or messing with settings) has somehow goosed my nvidia - the system would judder constantly then crash (stop working, report or wait message) even when outside Hyperspin. Anyway as a result I've had to do a factory reset to get it working again Good news is that means I can start all over with hyperspin and hopefully learn from my mistakes and do it right from the offset. To keep it simple I'm going to run EVERYTHING off the external drive rather copying it all to the nvidia internal 500gb like last time. Anything I need to be mindful of doing it this way? My plan is just use that 1TB drive I've got already loaded with Hyperspin and do as much of the leg work as possible on that rather than on the shield
  6. I think so, I've tried that many different ways now (literally spent hours and hours trying to get it working) that I can't even remember what I've tried and what I haven't. I downloaded all the new settings and re-did all the rom paths in those settings. But still the same systems worked / didn't work. The annoying thing with it is that despite following the same process / rules, some consoles are working fine but many others won't. I'm tempted to just delete it all start a fresh but I've spent hours transferring all the artwork and roms over - so might just cut my losses and delete all the non-working systems from the wheel
  7. I don't think hyperspin is for me :/ it's too fekkin complicated and glitchy - time to throw the towel in I think. Thanks for all your help though, gave it a good go!
  8. Yeh it does that in the bottom left. What do you do when it can't find the Bios, is there a way to download it / point it to where it is?
  9. So I added 7z to the rom types and it fixed the missing rom issue. One system started playing the game fine, but others still take me out of HS and into a missing core type screen on RA So, i followed one of the guides on YouTube to load the rom directly from RA via going through the load content route - it takes me all the way through as if it's going to work, but the final step says no core / no data. Even though I've done the online updated and downloaded the cores, it's like the cores aren't downloading for some reason?
  10. I'm on an Nvidia Shield TV - trying to save everything on the internal storage coz it's 500gb one
  11. Yeah I've gone into RA and downloaded all the cores, wasn't sure if I needed to move anything around though on the file explorer. There's an attach imagine button on the reply (on desktop) so I just took a screenshot and uploaded the file. The error I keep getting on most systems is the missing rom one On the Atari 5200 though it takes me out of HS and into a blue RA Screen as if the core is missing
  12. Ps. I don't have an SD card, could that be why it's not finding my roms when I put /Android as the start of the rompath? E.g should it say internal/Android/ type of thing?
  13. The working systems so far are structured like this... but like I say that's not working for all systems, so on 3DO etc I'm trying to do it the other way you've recommended
  14. I think i'm out of my depth. I don't actually know what a bios is lol i'm just fudging my way along as I go. I've attached an image to show what I've done (settings ini on the left, and android structure on the right) any ideas what I'm missing?
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