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  1. I can't figure this out. Is there a step by step on how to do this? I can'y find the Custom UI policy!
  2. So I just finished my first cabinet build and I want just dedicated arcade games. So all I want is mame and Daphne for dragons lair. What I want is to have one wheel with mame and also Daphne. Is there a way to put Daphne and mame on the same wheel and launch Daphne or mame? Also I want to boot directly in to the arcade wheel.
  3. fishman

    Mame upgrade

    So i have got clrmame and .165 rom set and i want to upgrade. Do i have to update 1 version at a time or can i jump 4 or 5 versions?
  4. I need the .139 for windows 64bit the hyperspin normal forum section said to ask here if any one could compile .139 for windows.
  5. Yes i updated the roms and mame. But some roms that work on 139 wont on newer version of roms and mame.
  6. I have mame .139 and all the roms i use work. Other newer versions of mame some of my roms do not work. Si i need a mame .139 no nag version but i can't find a download. So does any one know where i can find a .139 no nag mame or can some one compile one for me? I tryed but can not compile it.
  7. So instead of using a 24" monitor I want to use a 32" TV and here's my question. When you turn on the power to the computer it powers up the monitor also, so on a TV will it power it on also? Or will I have to power it on separate?
  8. fishman

    Windows 10

    I haven't found a shelling app for windows 10, is there one?
  9. fishman

    Windows 10

    So is there a guide around so i can boot windows 10 directly into hyperspin and hide windows? THE BIOS HAS NO LEGACY BOOT!
  10. So i got a new PC running windows 8.1. I want to boot Win 8.1 straight into hyperspin. How would i do this? I don't want any sighns of windows on the cabinet.
  11. First off i would like to say thanks for all the help. Ok i setup retroarch and trying to setup genesis, but when i launch rlauncher i get this message and can't figure it out. Sorry could someone point me in the rtight direction?
  12. fishman

    Daphne Question

    Found space ace but no badlands
  13. fishman

    Daphne Question

    This may not be the right place to ask but i can't find the space ace or badlands themes. All the rest are there but those 2 are missing.
  14. fishman

    Daphne Question

    Thanks for the quick replies. I had hyperspin in the path in the settings.ini and rocketlauncher was in my c drive so it's working now. It exits fine, but launching it shows my desktop for a second or 2. So i have to figure that out. I think i got it thanks!!!
  15. So i'm still a little new to hyperspin messing around here and there. So i have Dragon's lair working in rocketlauncher ui but when i launch through hyperspin i get this message, how do i fix it?
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