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  1. Thanks, y'all. I'm extremely happy with how it all came out. Already wishing I could build another.
  2. This was such an awesome experience! I love seeing my machine with the artwork applied. Finally, my baby is complete!
  3. FINALLY applied the side art and finished the t-molding. Glad to have this thing completed. Whew.
  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I still don't have artwork applied to the sides, but I'm hoping to do that soon. I've been spending the colder months traveling out west as often as I can to escape the snow, so that's eaten up a lot of my free money. I will definitely post an update when I can afford that last little detail. As far as everything else goes, I have LEDs that come in and out, so I need to troubleshoot that. Maybe redo the whole wiring job at some point. Not looking forward to that at all.
  5. It's been a while, but I finally got everything I needed to wire up the control panel. It's not very neat, but it gets the job done. And here's a short video showing some LEDBlinky animation. I need to make time to sit down with this program and figure it out. http://youtu.be/4H_xNZJFE48
  6. Sorry for the crap quality on these pictures, but I finally received the marquee, joysticks, and buttons! All that remains now is the side art, IPAC, and LEDWiz. I am selling my comic and signing at a convention in Chicago this weekend, so maybe I'll make enough scratch to buy those last few components! Here's hoping!
  7. I actually printed the CPO already, and you can see the dots, but they're not distracting. If you view it from a distance, you can hardly even tell it has a dot pattern at all. The whole thing is going to look really good when I get all of the artwork printed. Right now, there's a $1,200 shipping bill staring me down, so it's gonna be a while before I can finance the art. I gotta send out issues of my comic, so I can keep the day job thing going.
  8. Thanks! Once I get the side artwork and the rest of the t-molding I think it will REALLY start to pop. Oh yeah, and buttons...those will look nice, too. Haha.
  9. Some more progress. Used forstner bits to drill the CP holes. Used a RotoZip to rough out the holes in the plexi, so that we could get the flush mount laminate router bit in there and finish it off. Also used the RotoZip to help install the slightly recessed hinges for the CP box. And we FINALLY have some artwork! Unfortunately, I have to rebuild the %$#&[email protected]* control panel box tomorrow because I didn't move the joysticks and buttons in enough, and there's not enough room inside. Live and learn, I suppose.
  10. Removed the gross plastic film from the bezel, and it looks SO much better! Also tried out the monitor, and installed the marquee light. I get to pick up my CPO art tomorrow, and then I start drilling some holes for buttons! Does anyone know if it would be okay to drill a 1 1/8" hole for a Sanwa JLF stick, or should I try to adhere to the 24mm suggestion?
  11. Yeah, this was like $19.98 at Lowes. It's totally clear. When the monitor is turned off, everything inside looks plenty dark, so I didn't see the need for smoked. If you plan to do the painted plexi bezel, make SURE you get the frog tape. That stuff is a life saver when it comes to a project like this.
  12. Found a mounting solution for the monitor finally, and the thing sits in there pretty as can be. Also got the bezel cut to size and put in place. I can't wait to take that damned protective coating off so it doesn't look so dirty and grungy. I'm gonna wait until the very end to remove it, just so I don't run the risk of scratching the plexi all to hell.
  13. The monitor I purchased has a VESA mounting setup, and it actually fits inside the cabinet quite nicely. I just had a frustrating day with the "day job", I guess you could call it. One of my fellow comic writers is being an absolute turd to me, and it's for the stupidest reason. Anyway, it all just added up to me getting easily frustrated and giving up instead of sticking to it and finding a mounting solution. I'm sure I'll have it all figured tomorrow. I look forward to the reply email!
  14. I didn't get much accomplished today, really. I got frustrated trying to come up with a way to mount my 32" monitor, so I just gave up and came home. At least the little bit of work I accomplished came out nice looking. Frog tape is the best stuff in the world. 4 coats of black spray paint was all it took, haha.
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