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  1. Heee...Heeee. The truth is the only feed us bacon and poutine(fries,gravy and cheese curds)and the only thing we get to drink is beer. That would make you gassy too! Are heads aren't floppy, we just shake from the cold because they invested all our magic beans into windmills to provide electricity to heat our igloos. Please help us America
  2. He told me he goes fishing in June in Maniwaki. I had no problem waiting as my e-mail states. He blew his cool. Pretty simple, if he ain't making money then charge more. Don't matter to me. Rather than saying 2-3 weeks, say maybe 6-8 weeks? for your paid order. I guess I caught him on a bad day.. but I'm cool. My bar has been ordered and payed for somewhere else. Maybe he just doesn't like Canadians? PEACE
  3. This is what happened to me today... "hi Jack, just wondering what the status is on my lockdown bar. Haven't got any messages if it was shipped yet. Ordered april 30.Paypal ID XXXXXXXXXXXXX" Response: "Tom, Thanks for following up with me. The bar side of the business is tough to keep current on. I run it just to provide an outlet for DIY builders. I was unable to get in contact with the bar maker until this past Sunday. If you still want the bar it's going to be 10-14 days until it ships. If you want I can refund you your Paypal payment. Thanks, Jack" "Would have been nice for an update if there was such a long delay ,but I'm already in it , might as well wait. Maybe you could have dropped it off on your way to Maniwaki. Please keep me posted if there are more delays." Response: "Like I said. I have a million things to to take care of; The more than full time day job, the arcade and pinball business weekends and weeknights, my Family. I do the bars for almost no money as a favor to the community that has helped me. I'm sorry for not giving you an update but I take care of of things as best I can, when I can. jack" Then an instant Paypal credit? maybe you guys will have better luck, just don't inquire about your order, three weeks of my life wasted...was I being pushy??? I'm sure someone else would be happy to take my money.
  4. Having similar issues here as well. On first start up everything runs slow,but when I shut down hyper pin and start it up again it works fine as well. Must be some other programs running causing this . Damn Windows 7 . I did notice that cleaning up my xml file helped with the speed, that could be causing the lockup?
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