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  1. Hello, I am having trouble with Visual Pinball. How do I get full screen mode? Plus you can see the wheel on the background. When I start playing, it is only half the size. How do I fix this? Please help. Thank you. I have enclose a picture.
  2. Hello, I am having trouble figuring out which is the up,down,left, right directions. I am using RetroArch settings. I have configure every other systems just fine except for Nintendo 64. I have inserted pics and I would like if someone knows which are the joystick settings buttons. I am able to set the A and B buttons and it works but I cant seem to set the joystick. ( I have the X-arcade tank stick) Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something? Please help. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I 'm having trouble with Nintendo 64 settings to configure with my X-arcade tank stick. I am using RetroArch and my question is: How do I delete a certain buttons I accidentally press wrong buttons and now my joystick wont work? Im not sure what I did wrong? I would like to reset all buttons or if someone can show me how to delete a program button. Maybe its another problem. When I tried to configure the up joystick, that is when the problem occur. It does says "user 1 Up (digital) when I configure it.... it gave me key: keypad8 is that right? Please help.
  4. Thank you Guys, thenoob, How would I change the hotkey section on RetroArch? Ive tried to find it, but can't see it. Please help. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am having trouble with configuring the tank stick to play Genesis games. I'm using retroarch. I press the F1 button and configure the button and everything looks great except the 2 player down joystick. Whenever I press the joystick down, it changes the screen to a small screen and the sound crackles. How can I change this?? What is it that I'm doing wrong? Please help.
  6. Thank you for your response. Ok, now I see the two wires that leads to the power switch. Now, they are both white wires. Which one is positive and negative. To hook up to my arcade button? Thanks again.
  7. Hello Guys, I have a Compaq 6200 pro. I'm trying to put an arcade button to my PC. I have the front I/O and power switch assembly right in front of me and I want to know what two wires I have to split? I can't seem to find the diagram for what color wires each one stands for? Can anyone help? I don't want to cut the wrong wires. I have an enclosed some pics. Thank you.
  8. yes, I tried turning both on and off.
  9. Anyone know what to do to fix this problem. Any tips is appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have GameCube running on Dolphin emulator and I have everything installed and everything works. The only problem I have is when I exit out of RocketLauncher the screen goes Black and it stays there. Computer crashes. How can I fixed this? I saw Simply Austin video on it and explains it with a Xbox controller but I'm not using a Xbox controller. Please help. Thanks
  11. Thanks guys. But I still can't get it. It will be the death of me. Lol I am making sure everything matches. Here is an example I'm stuck with: Area 51 (USA) (v1.0).7z = zip file Area 51 (USA) (v1.0).bin = bin file Area 51 (USA) (v1.0) = cue file Area 51 (USA) = database file (XML) I use my 7z file and match with the database. (which gives me a green). Then I get my cue file and also match with database plus I open with notepad and change it there as well to match database. Then I get the bin file and change to match database as well. Now what am I missing???? you guys say I have to make sure the bin file matches the "file name" of the "actual file". ??? How can I tell what the bin file is matching too?? Do I also run the bin file with notepad? I tried so many ways to fix this and its driving me crazy. I know I am so close... thanks for your help
  12. Hello, I am having issues with renaming roms for the Playstation using RetroArch. The ones I am having trouble are the ones that have (En,Es,etc.) or (v.01 etc.). Basically the ones that you have to rename to match the XML database. I know you have to make sure the cue file matches the bin file. So I change the cue file on notepad to match the XML. Now How do I make sure the bin file matches the XML?? Do I check the bin file on note pad too?? or what is the procedure to make this work. Thanks.
  13. Hello, Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. I've been following the guide on here and I know i am missing something. Here is my log: --DAPHNE version 1.0.10 --Command line is: E:\Emulation\Emulators\daphne_singe\daphne.exe singe vldp -x 1024 -y 768 -fullscreen_window -framefile E:\Emulation\Emulators\daphne_singe\singe\ActionMax\38AmbushAlley.txt -script E:\Emulation\Emulators\daphne_singe\singe\ActionMax\38AmbushAlley.singe --CPU : GenuineIntel 3050 MHz || Mem : 3968 megs --OS : Windows XP/.NET || Video : Intel® HD Graphics --OpenGL: Compiled In --RGB2YUV Function: MMX --Line Blending Function: MMX --Audio Mixing Function: MMX Setting screen width to 1024 Setting screen height to 768 Set 1920x1080 at 32 bpp with flags: 20 Initializing sound system ... No joysticks detected Could not open framefile : E:\Emulation\Emulators\daphne_singe\singe\ActionMax\38AmbushAlley.txt Could not initialize laserdisc player! Shutting down sound system... Shutting down video display...
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