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  1. When I was planning my build I thought about buying a digital plunger, but then I decided to go the microswitch route because that was the cheapest option. But after a little while I got really fed up with this solution, it's hard to make any skill shots / controlled shots, so when I saw that zebulon was working on a new plunger kit I knew I had to have it the thing is you get a controller for buttons and a nudge device as well as a real plunger so I think its a fair price.
  2. Thanks for the info, one less thing to worry about
  3. I'm sorry for the stupid questions, but if the contactors can draw up to 3A, if 5 contactors activate at the same time during multiball or some other event, they could draw up to 15A? What would happen to my poor 6.5A power supply?
  4. Someone mentioned that the contactors could draw up to 3A for a brief moment when the coil activates, is this correct? If they only draw 154mA then they should be pretty safe to connect directly to the ledwiz? @ maxxsinner, thanks for your answer
  5. So a 6.5A power supply would be more than enough for 2 x 3RT1015-1BB41 and 5 x 3RT1016-1BB41 ?
  6. Thanks, but is there any harm in using 27ohm for all leds? Or is it just that the red will be brighter than the other colors?
  7. Yes i'm using 12v, as all my other components are 12v. As long as i get rid of the heat there is no problem using 12v ? I'll order some 27ohm resistors to lower them to 350mA.
  8. Nice build About the leds, when using this calculator http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz it gives me the same resistor value for all colors. I bought the excact leds as you(and they are indeed mislabeled) I've bought 22ohm 5w resistors for them to operate at 450mA, do i need to have a different resistor for the red?
  9. No answer yet please update your thread if your not taking orders for custom lockdown bars
  10. Nice maybe I'll do the same to mine someday.
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