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  1. I just shot you a direct message i have some other questions regarding this and didnt want to blow up the forum
  2. Ok, so don't overwrite the standard hyperspin INI files? i was intending on using your INI files and replacing the standard INI's in HS. Are you saying i need to just have your INI's in a seperate folder then? What exactly do you meen by Android menu? Obviously i know what file your talking about putting it in but are you meaning just to create a folder that says "Android menu" ? what goes in it? Thanks for the help man i really appreciate it...and for the INI files!! Currently im having some SSD issues. I have a 1tb SSD i plugged in a ESfileexplorer was seeing it but the shield was not seeing it so im formatting the drive right now then im going to mount it to the shield to ensure i have a good solid working formatted correctly drive then im going to begin transfering my HS setup over to the drive along with the roms.
  3. Hey all!...So im not new to setting up HS as i have done it on my CPU numerous times. BUT, i JUST got my sheild TV in today and this is the first time i have entered into the android realm. Is there any step by step guide to a HS front end install...I have went through about 80% of this thread and it looks like the initial set up instructions were in question and its evolved since then. Is it as simple as putting my HS folders from my comp onto a drive using badhemi's INI files and changing the rom paths? or?? Right now i have RA and HS installed on the sheild and im just getting stuck in to begin the install process. Any help or guidance from you fellow droid users would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  4. So i just checked the files, all the files match up and i have the 7z enabled to TRUE... This was working this morning on an older version of retroarch but since i updated to the newest version it has been giving me problems. I might dump this new version of RA and go back to the old trusty one that was working just fine :-) seems easier just to download more emulators then deal with the core's on RA :-/
  5. If its not 1 problem its 100 today! Ok so i just updated my RA to the newest RA. problem is now i cant get my PS1 games running i'm getting a nice big error when trying to launch through RL Runtime error! Program D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\Retroarch\Retroarch.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Any thoughts?
  6. THAT WAS IT! That was EXACTLY what i was looking to do "Remove Wheel Info" solved the problem! As for the videos that were missing it was more just a naming issue so i will solve those ones specifically as it was only about 50. Thanks alot for that!
  7. Ok so i just checked this out. I'm still getting the following 10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe) showing up on my wheel. For some reason it is not removing the region names. I did try 10-yard fight the manual way of deleting the info from the rom/movie/xml/artwork and obviously that works but that will take FOREVER to do with every system....Dont know why that option didnt work. Any other ideas?
  8. Sorry guys i forgot to hit refresh before i post the comment above. Let me give those a shot and see what happens. BRB
  9. As an update all the ones that i was not seeing videos for there are infact videos in the media folder but they dont match the names of the roms hence not being able to see the videos. SO, overall i need an efficient way to rename the ROMS/VIDEOS/XML/Artwork to all match and remove the country/revision names.
  10. Whats up spinners! Question. I just finished my full install of hyperspin and have everything up and running *PHEW* but now i am onto making it look pretty. Bezels, artwork, naming structer...etc. The question i have is. I am going through each system now and i know how to remove roms from the wheel so every rom with no video i am removing and putting in a different folder till i find the associated videos but, what i am also doing is going through and i would like to remove the excess information for each rom. For example. For NES (Since im starting with this) 10 Yard fight (USA, Europe) is the rom name 10 Yard fight (USA, Europe) is the video name 10 Yard fight (USA, Europe) is in the XML data Obviously i can go into the XML and delete the (USA, Europe) then do the same for the zip file with the rom and the video as well but is there a quicker more efficient way to rename all 3 of those items so i dont have to see the country of origin for each rom on my wheel? For my specific liking im only keeping the USA games as that is all my childhood was based on playing...i know, not a purist thing to do BUT, its what reminds me of MY childhood :-) Any help would be awesome and thanks in advance
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