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  1. I just shot you a direct message i have some other questions regarding this and didnt want to blow up the forum
  2. Ok, so don't overwrite the standard hyperspin INI files? i was intending on using your INI files and replacing the standard INI's in HS. Are you saying i need to just have your INI's in a seperate folder then? What exactly do you meen by Android menu? Obviously i know what file your talking about putting it in but are you meaning just to create a folder that says "Android menu" ? what goes in it? Thanks for the help man i really appreciate it...and for the INI files!! Currently im having some SSD issues. I have a 1tb SSD i plugged in a ESfileexplorer was seeing it but the shield was not seeing it so im formatting the drive right now then im going to mount it to the shield to ensure i have a good solid working formatted correctly drive then im going to begin transfering my HS setup over to the drive along with the roms.
  3. Hey all!...So im not new to setting up HS as i have done it on my CPU numerous times. BUT, i JUST got my sheild TV in today and this is the first time i have entered into the android realm. Is there any step by step guide to a HS front end install...I have went through about 80% of this thread and it looks like the initial set up instructions were in question and its evolved since then. Is it as simple as putting my HS folders from my comp onto a drive using badhemi's INI files and changing the rom paths? or?? Right now i have RA and HS installed on the sheild and im just getting stuck in to begin the install process. Any help or guidance from you fellow droid users would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
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