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  1. Yea that 3d carbon fibre looks just like the stuff I got, it's been on my cab for over 2 years and hasn't faded or peeled (I did tape the edges with strong duct tape tho) don't really see any finger marks either, not sure what it will look like tho with ur glossy cab
  2. Ozstick.com.au used to have a plain black overlay not sure if they do anymore, I got a sheet of fake carbon fibre vinyl from eBay when I did my control panel it's from 3M and made for cars (interior and exterior I believe) was pretty cheap too ill try find a link when I get home.
  3. its coming together nicely, its a shame arcadeworx didnt have the laminate option back when i first ordered my cab a few years ago i would of jumped at the chance now.
  4. Looks great mate I got a cab from arcadeworx a few years ago, he didn't have the Laminate option back then tho, hope you have fun
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