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  1. So I'm new to hyperspin and emulators... I started downloading everything I need to start build my hyperspiname arcade. Software? Check. Emulators? Check. Roms? Check. Now I keep crashing on memory. This is my pc Dell optiplex gx620 Fresh pny 450gb ssd C:/ Fresh 5tb wd blue D:/ with hyperspin/emu/etc Windows 7 64bit Went to the max 2gb x 2gb =4gb ram. How can I stop the system from memory crash?
  2. So you only used the yellow and black? Did you just cut the others and leave it?
  3. OniBoi

    New to hyperspin

    I can't get the mame emulator input to stay with cp. Instead it goes back to keyboard commands
  4. Badboo.... did you have v1.3.1 and move all your roms/emu?
  5. OniBoi

    New to hyperspin

    I'll look to make sure I don't already have startup script. This is getting very interesting. That you both for you help... I'll make sure to stay up to date. If I wanted to get the new v1.4 is there a link to see how to move all my emu and roms over? I only have mame right now.
  6. OniBoi

    New to hyperspin

    Thank you.. I'll search. Just wondering how to set it up with older hyperspin, launch..
  7. So I'm a noob. I got a pretty loaded hyperspin with emus, and only mame roms. I'm trying to figure out how to use a xin MO USB with my current setup. I have hyperspin v1.3.1, hyperhq 1.3, and hyperlaunch say file v3.0.0.9/product v1.1.9.4! How can I setup my xin MO. I have autojoykey,xpladder, and joytokey. Should I just upload the newest version on everything and will it cause me to lose all current files?
  8. What the deepth of those cp? Just trying to figure it out for those player select buttons
  9. Went with a hp 17" 4:3.... now making building plans.. need to find artwork and marquee
  10. So I'm new to this all. I'm taking a Dell optiplex gx620 with pentium D 820 messing in SSD with hyperspin. Didn't have or found a 4:3 monitor, so I'm using a 19" widescreen 16:10ratio. I'm going to build the cab for a bigger monitor hoping I find one later. Any tips or help would be great
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