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  1. I’ve got the roms loading quickly again, the problem is mame roms stick on loading screen. The game actually runs in the background, if I alt tab I can see it, but I can’t escape the loading screen.
  2. Cataclysm did everything you said, still nothing. I’m not sure RocketLauncher is even starting, clicking the desktop RL .exe is hit or miss, sometimes the test rom window comes up when I start it, sometimes it does nothing. It shows the RL icon in the quick launch window of the taskbar as if it’s running (sometimes it shows 2 RL icons) but won’t show up in task manager as a current process. No idea why it would go from running perfectly, to loading extremely slow, to now not working really at all.
  3. My setup has been running perfectly for months, I built a 4 player cabinet and love it. Recently though I attempted to start a game from Hyperspin, and it took an extremely long time to load, same issue if I tried to load from RL. It has continued each time I have tried since, regardless of the emulator/ROM I try to start. Hyperspin starts up as fast as always, and the wheels and artwork load and move great. Now when I select the game I want to play, nothing happens at all. At first after about 30 seconds or so, the artwork/video would stop moving, eventually after maybe 2 minutes the loading screen would come up, I'd hear "loading complete", but the game wouldnt start, though sometimes I could hear it playing in the background. Now, even that doesnt seem to be happening. I attempt to load a MAME rom and nothing, eventually the wheel auto spins. Any ideas? Scott Posts : 8 Bonus Coins : 12 Hi Scores : 0 Join date : 2018-02-28
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