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  1. Hi, thanks spawk. Mame is all I will be using and like I said my joysticks and buttons work perfect within mameui. What do I do with the startup script. Thanks
  2. Hi thanks for you response, if I use joy to key will that have any effect on Mame, as I have Mame setup perfect just the way I like it. How does the startup script work? Also I notice the buttons work fine with hyper spin, it's just joystick that don't, could I add a couple of extra buttons in my cp just to navigate through hyper spin. Thanks
  3. Hi all. I have spent weeks perfecting my hyperspin setup and everything is setup up and ready to go. Then i plugged in my joysticks and buttons and hyperspin does not function correctly with them. I am using the xin-mo dual arcade, all works perfect in my emulators but i cannot get it to navigate through hyperspin correctly. I set it up within hyper HQ up=up down=down etc. What happens is that player one doesn't work at all but player 2 does what it is suppose to except left and right on the joystick don't do anything even though ive set it to skip 40 at a time. If I press up or down it does not move up and down one game at a time sometimes it will others it will go up or down as many as it likes, ive also had it when ive pushed joystick up the wheel is constantly spinning and ive had to force close hyperspin from windows task manager as no other buttons worked at all. What could be the problem. Thanks
  4. Cheers dude, that's solved the problem with showing only the roms I have, only problem now is that rlaunceher doesn't start Mame, it comes up saying initialising but then goes back to hyperspin. I'll keep mucking about see what I can come up with. Cheers
  5. Hi all, Newbie here so go easy . First off thanks for such great software So ive followed several tutorials on the internet and I am still having problems trying to create a setup that works. First problem is that I cannot launch any version of mame in rlauncher other that .166. when I got to select module that's the only one available and because I have .177 mame64 installed it give me a error when trying to launch. The problem is solved by installing mame .166 but my romset is .177 so this is not pratical really so could do with knowing how to get around that within rlauncherui. Second issue (not exactly a issue just a question) hyperspin loads mame wheel with a bunch of games that I don't know if I have them or not. I was looking round the hyperspin folders and I came across a mame.xml file that had all this info in it. Is there not a mame.xml file anywhere that will match my romset that I am using. Many thanks. Rob
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