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  1. hmmm. I have a 128 GB MicroSD in my Shield. I am using it as removable storage. On my microsd called "SHIELD", there is a folder called Hyperspin. Roms are located: storage/sdcard1 (aka SHIELD)/Hyperspin/Emulators/MAME/roms (Come to think of it, maybe I have an issue due to case sensitivity. I think my folder is actually Roms.) In the ini, I just kept the settings the same as what I downloaded from the hyperspin downloads. userompath is currently set to false. I will change it to true. the actual rompath is Emulators/MAME/roms/. I thought that would work.
  2. So, this worked. I was able to at least load the MAME menu. Unfortunately, I am still unable to load any ROMs. I guess it's a ROM path issue, but I've been trying to tweak it and it is not working.
  3. To clarify: I believe I have two issues. Probably resolved by settings. 1. My ROMs aren't showing up. 2. When I select NES for instance, I can see a list of games but everything says not installed. Even ones I know I have installed. When I select Mame, nothing happens. No game list. None of my ROMs.
  4. When I select Mame, no titles come up, and the Emulator reappears. Here's my Mame.ini for reference:
  5. I've been able to get Hyperspin to open, it shows some options for consoles, but every time I select a console it says each game in the listing is not available. For MAME, I click it and it tries to load a MAME menu and doesn't and reverts back to the console selection wheel. Not sure whats up. My databases? My folder path is right, but maybe my Settings don't point to the right path. Anybody have any input?
  6. It can wait. But I really want to get my Street Fighter on!
  7. AH! Thanks for this. I only had /Settings and /Emulators. How can I go about setting up the database and media folders on through OS X? Is this even possible?
  8. I have a shield TV. I have a micro SD installed with a hyperspin directory which contains a settings and emulators directory. I got the android settings from the forum. Inside the emulators folder, I Ave various folders like mame, Nintendo entertainment system, etc. I've also got retroarch installed. Just screwed around with that for a few minutes and it seems that it sees my mame Roms just fine. How can I troubleshoot hyperspin? I've cleared data and cache and reinstalled.
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