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  1. With the Bliss-Box you can only play with your retro controllers on Pc If you universalizes your retro controllers, you can play with on more than 110 game systems If you want now you can play to Megaman 9 and 10 on Xbox360 with your Nes controller, you can play to KofXIII on Ps3 with your Neo-Geo Joystick, you can play to Sonic Generation on Wii with your Genesis Controllers, You can play with all your 75 retro controllers on your Smartphone via Bluetooth, etc.... In fact you can play with your favorite controller on any video game system Watch this video
  2. In fact you can still use controllers universalized on their original game console using the appropriate MVGS2 adapter. All 75 controllers universalized remains still compatible to its original game system and more becomes usable at more than 110 game systems (game console, computer, touch pad and mobile phone) More there is no "lag" with a controller universalized, which is not the case with a non modified controller and adapter. Of course the worries is that you have to replaced the original Pcb.
  3. Hello men, Lately I have come to present the Universal Retrogaming control pads MVGS2 that are compatible to more than 110 game systems. Today I realized an Arcade Cab allowing us to play more than 30 Retro game consoles with our 75 universal Controllers. I let you take a peek in the hope of a positive feedback:
  4. Nice work!!! I love your control panel:p
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