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  2. ZX The Hedgehog is a clone of Sonic I came up with when I was a kid. I've always been a SEGA fanboy, so I wrote a whole story on it. It was quite long, and didn't make much sense, but it was sort of my explanation for the Sonic universe, as I never watched the TV shows, and only recently read the Sonic X Mega Man crossover comic series, none of the others.
  3. I really want to be an active member of this forum, as I've been trying to figure out how to use Hyperspin in an old cab I've retrofitted to play HS. I feel really bad that some members thought I was trying to cause something like what happened in the A New Hyperspin thread, and this thread is just to apologize if you thought that was what I was trying to do. I just read that thread and wanted some straight information instead of the emotional battle that was going on there, which eventually came as BadBoyBill's Hello From BadBoyBill post yesterday. I really just want to be a active member on this forum and I feel like people may judge me now since I made that post. I just want to say that that was not my intention, and I want to apologize if that's what you thought I was trying to cause. Thanks and Merry Christmas, Zextor (ZX) The Hedgehog
  4. Does anyone know what happened to BadBoyBill? He hasn't made a post in over one and a half years.
  5. Hmm... Is this a problem with all games or just GTA Vice City? Either way, I'd try going into Config->Audio->Plugin Settings and changing the Synchronizing Mode setting to Async Mix. It may break some games, but should help your issue. If it doesn't, try a different SPU plugin, and see if it helps.
  6. Depends on your specs. I've mainly used NullDC since I can get some decent FPS out of it, but, DEMUL does support more games. Less graphical glitches... on my machine, I could dispute that, though I've heard it runs well on other computers, so it's likely just the fact that my computer's fairly old. So, DEMUL if you have a machine that is fast and supports it, otherwise, use NullDC.
  7. BIT.TRIP CORE, FLUX, FATE, VOID, & BEAT Runner2 BattleBlock Theater Monaco FEZ BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Bastion Cave Story + Those would be my recommendations.
  8. I would recommend the Atomiswave to Naomi conversions (done by Breaking CPS3, Google is your friend) for playing Dolphin Blue. I know this fix causes lots of bugs, but otherwise for most of us who have less-high-end systems, it should load most games with a good deal of speed. Whatever works for you may be quite different from this, but, for me, this is what works the fastest. If your specs are higher, the DX11 plugin may be a good choice. Personally, on mine, which is built for DX10, it just runs slower, but, if you have a high-class Alienware, Origin, or a custom gaming tower, you may want to try DX11. That mainly has to do for what your graphics card is made to do. It mainly is what works for you. Also, the bugs I found were mainly the bugs I found while testing the games I had. I have it mainly for arcade emulation, and will update it with bugs as I find them.
  9. If you ever used Demul, you've probably seen that it's VERY slow. However, there actually is a way to change that. Here, I give you, my guide to making DEMUL run at a half-decent speed! Enjoy! Step 1: Download the newest version of DEMUL(.582 as of this writing). Extract it to a folder. Step 2: Open Plugins and Paths. Make sure the plugins are set as follows: Video plugin: gpuDX10 Sound plugin: spuDemul(only choice) GD-ROM plugin: gdrCHD Controls plugin: padDemul(only choice) Untick Activate BBA if it is checked. If there is nothing in Roms and Bioses Paths, create the folder "roms" in the Demul folder and click Add. Navigate to the roms folder in the window that pops up and click on OK. Once done, close Plugins and Paths. Step 3: Open the Video tab in Demul. Set the Windows resolution to 640x480, and internal resolution to 1x. Tick Disable Auto Sort, Disable Opaque Modifier, and Disable Translucent Modifier. Click on OK. Step 4: Open the Sound tab. Set the Buffer size to as high as it will go, and tick Disable DSP. There you go! There may be a few issues in 1-2 games but, otherwise, I have yet to discover any problems with it. ______________________________________________________________________________ Issues (fix-related): Missing lifebars in KOF XI/ Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum, otherwise fully playable Capcom vs. SNK 1 intro missing text & cutaway from galaxy, otherwise fully playable Green lens flares in KOF XI Graphical errors in DolphinBlue, otherwise fully playable These are all related to Disable Auto Sort, and while turning it off fixes these, it also runs at 1/6 of the speed if you turn it on. Seriously, just don't use it. ________________________________________________________________________________ Issues (DEMUL-related, not related to fix) Sound bug in DolphinBlue Buggy Hikaru Emulation No sound in Hikaru Inital D won't boot (CARD R/W ERROR!) Post any questions/comments/issues in the comments, and I will update the post as needed.
  10. I never got the program to work. It would always just just show a black screen or say the program was not responding.
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