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  1. My knocker (real gottlieb part) is also powered at 24volt. SInce the kick is inferior to the real thing, I think I will mount it on center of one side the cab, to have the best sound resonance as possible. Just a theorical thought. On your question #3, I 'm also interested since I want to re-use my original gottlieb hardswitch too. Congrats for your building so far
  2. Personaly, if you cannot access to a pro spraypaint pistol + air compressor, I'd use a precise work roll, dedicated to smooth finish. Concerning sound, you can use a PC amplifier (recycled from a pc sound system) and change the speakers for better ones.
  3. thanks ! To be more specific, my power supply is 13.8volt 8amp DC. I was asking about relays, because you said : Correct me if I'm wrong, but the solenoids are the things on left bottom part of the pic ? The only thing is that I don't know what kind of relay I'll need for it.
  4. Really nice build! I 've seen on 1st page that you were speaking about 24v solenoids. What kind of relay (reference) would I need to use them with a 13volt 8amp lab power supply ? thank you !
  5. I'm not a lights guy I presume...It's like virtual backglass, it's not something particularly interesting for my own taste. I'm more concerned about controls, forcefeedback, sound, that kind of things. Of course if I buy a ledwiz or other interface with hundreds of outputs, I'll add some lights...Just because since I'd pay for these options, I'll use it. But if someone create a light version of ledwiz, with maybe 16output, with a significantly cheaper price, I'll be the happiest man.
  6. Sounds great, even if I'm not sure it 's the kind of products I'm searching for... In fact, I just need about just a dozen of outputs : 3 bumpers, 2 flippers, 1 knocker, 2slingshots, 1 ball eject, 1 rumble motor...If someone create that kind of poorman driver board I'll be happy
  7. INteresting, do you have any links to share about that ? I'm not hurry, I've got plenty of work on my cab for the next weeks, so I can wait to buy a ledwiz or something similar. thanks
  8. So without a driver board, the arduino canno't be used to replace the ledwiz ? I'm asking because drivers boards are expensive. So the combo arduino +driver board will cost more (or equally) than a ledwiz board. Thinking about that, I heard about Pacdrive board. It seems cheaper than the ledwizz. Can it be used with eficiency for a very simple setup : 3 bumpers 2slingshots 1 shaker ? thank you !
  9. Thank you, Ok, I didn't know. I was thinking that the combo solenoid + relay was suficient (at least with ledwiz). I guess I have to find another way, then.
  10. 8 euros (on ebay.hk) more expensive for the 1280 Just joking. I was thinking that it was more expensive, quite similar price of the ledwiz. But concerning outputs, I was thinking that I could use relays to trigger the solenoids, instead of a driver board ?
  11. thank you for your answer. Ok, too bad cheapest cards can't handle your system. It would be a very good alternative (price) to ledwiz, for my purpose (only a dozen of "events" to send). I didn't know that, I believed that "simple" relays should be suficient ?
  12. Great work you did with Arduino ! I've got a few questions : are all arduino boards compatible with your system ? For example, this one : http://cgi.ebay.fr/ATmega328-P-20AU-USB-board-USB-2-0-Cable-for-Arduino-V3-0-Nano-AVR-/180798066408?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_71&hash=item2a18678ee8 I just want to control a few solenoids for force feedback (half a dozen, I think ), and maybe a few leds (start button, launch button). So I don't need thousands of outputs. I'm not a develloper, I just know HTML-css, had made some AS2, php and javascript code before (but I barely remember). Do you think I can use and understand this kind of system ? In one word, is it something user-friendly, or only reserved to devs ? thanks
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