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  1. Only Games which had an Arcade Cabinet and no other option to play this version of the game. (Not looking for Arcade Ports) Think this one was unclearly defined by me. Just not looking for the ported Versions of the Games. Only the Arcade Cabinet Versions. Means if the game was ported to the Arcade, just want the Arcade Cabinet Version of it. If it was ported of the Arcade Cabinet to any Home Computer, Console, just want the Arcade Cabinet Version of it.
  2. Sorry for late reply to you guys was some busy weeks. I would consider as Arcade only: Only Games which had an Arcade Cabinet and no other option to play this version of the game. (Not looking for Arcade Ports) Not looking for Casino, Poker, Mahjong, Pinball, Mechanical Machines and so on.(only real games if you know what i try to say) Not looking for Home Computer Games. Not looking for Console Games at all. And still have no clue which Systems aint included in MAME yet. (did some research on it maybe its wrong hope you can help) American Laser Games/Daphne/ Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc/ Action Max/ Video Challenger/ Capcom Play System Capcom Play System II Capcom Play System III Cave Arcade Examu eX-BOARD Namco System 22 Sammy Atomiswave Sega Model 2 Sega Model 3 Sega Naomi Sega Naomi 2 Sega ST-V/Titan Sega Triforce SNK Neo Geo MVS Taito Type X Zinc Is this Systems included? is there more missing which you could name as Arcade only? My Goal is to have all my Console Games played on original CRT TV up to Playstation 2 after goes to OLED TV. Home Computer Games on an dedicated Computer for it. And Arcade Games on an dedicated Arcade Cabinet with rotating screen for vertical and horizontal. So i really need the help to call out the Arcade Games/Systems by name with your knowledge cause i have near zero clue about it cause i have seen only 1 System in real life.
  3. Hello, As a friend told me about projects like selfmade arcade cabinets i checked some and immediately felt in love with it. Wasn´t into emulated based systems for over 15 years. Only played on one Arcade Cabinet (Soul Edge) in real life cause they were really rare in smaller locations in Germany. Last time i used MAME it was like arcade only ...when i checked for the roms now it has so much more included. This is what i want to filter out but have no clue which have to consider as arcade only. Plus is there Systems not included in full mame packets considered as arcade roms? For the people already did such or similar cabinet ...could you please show some media of it...specially the hyper spin weels and how you sorted it would be nice to see Hope its clear what iam looking for through my very limited knowledge and english skills. Greetings
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