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  1. It's for a dedicated cabinet, would I ever need more than a 128GB SSD for Windows 10 and Hyperspin related content? I'm open to going 64GB or even 256GB, whatever makes sense.
  2. Which Arcade systems are not included in Mame and require their their emulator? For the ones in which Mame shares the same Roms with other arcade emulators, when I it preferably preferably play them on th own emulators rather than Mame. I'm just trying trying get a complete picture. It would be cool to get All arcade rated stuff, along with Windows 10 all on the same SSD, otherwise no biggie an I'll use a 2TB HD just for roms.
  3. I'm not sure what I mean, when I hear people say everything Arcade, they also tend to include latest MAME romset, Demul romset, Supermodel romset, all Taito Type X games, all Daphne laserdisc, not sure fi I missed anything. So these are Arcade games in addition to what Mame offers I think, not sure if I missed any.
  4. - Not sure how large of a SSD i will need for Windows 10 and Hyperspin? - How large of a HD for every emulator and Rom set which is Arcade only? - How large of a HD for every emulator and Rom set which is Arcade only but has been cleaned of duplicate Roms and non working games? - What is recommended pc specs to be able to run Windows 10 / Hyperspin and everything arcade related? Any compact complete systems to recommend? The only parts I hav now is a HD and Geforce 770. It's confusing because I see some people say they fit it all on a 500GB SSD, which would be great but seems unrealistic since other people mention you need 2Tb for everything arcade related, which is it? It would be good to leave a little room to future proof, unless it's not necessary. Thank you.
  5. I plan on emulating many systems, a second SSD won't cut it. My secondary will be 6TB. I haven't heard anyone say if they think putting in 500GB for the OS is overkill? I was going to put in one of those Samsung EVO 500GB. I think I got enough feedback that using a WD Red 6TB 64MB 5700rpm will be fine for running any games, new or old and regardless of the system. For on the backup,good idea. Instead of running Raid, ai will use an additional 6GB to put in my NAS to backup the contents of my 6TB.
  6. I still can't pinpoint how large of a SSD to get, from what I gathered, it's no problem to run the latest games (PC or Ps2) from a 5700rpm drive (like the WD red). The last person I spoke to said they used a 128GB SSD juts for the OS and archive extraction folder. Would there be any reason I would need larger than a 128GB SSD if I'm using a loaded 6TB drive full of old and newer games? I'm not sure what the archive extraction process is, but is it normal to run it to the SSD and would it ever need to be larger for that process?
  7. How big of a SSD would you recommend then? I just want to future proof it, I know I said mainly arcade classics, I just want the option to play those newer PC games or ps2 games and not have any issues, or at least know I can play them if I want to without any issue. Would the 5700rpm still be good?, 64MB or 128MB?
  8. Hello, I'm having a cabinet built, I'm not sure how this all works, I know I will have a 500GB SSD for quick bootup running the OS, but I'm not sure if Hyperspin is placed on the SSD or if it will be on the secondary 6 TB drive‎ that will hold games. I also see those WD white label 6TB drives for $159.99 which are 5700rpm and 64MB of cache, or the 5700rpm 128MB version which is $179.99. I'm worried that 5700 isn't fast enough and I would need 7200 for newer PC games, can you confirm if 5700 vs 7200 or 64MB Vs 128MB will make a difference or how it is setup. Potentially I would be playing newer gen PC games or PS2, but mostly arcade classic emulators. Thanks
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