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  1. Yeah i've been noticing that the XML's on hyperlist aren't great as they are years old and the last 3 i downloaded have no crc data in them either didn't realise that people have been linking them in the forums though i'll have to have a good look and find the ones i want thanks for letting me know
  2. Thanks for letting me know the difference i didn't realise that neo geo had arcade machines.
  3. Hi guys, Could anyone please tell me which HyperList XML is the one that's in the HyperSpin full install as it's just call SNK Neo Geo but in HyperList there is SNK Neo Geo AES, SNK Neo Geo CD, SNK Neo Geo MVS and i'm just wanting to make sure i have the most up to date XML before i start gathering roms for the system. If anyone could point me in the right direction or tell me the difference between the different options on HyperList i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance
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