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  1. hello all. I could use a little help. had hyperspin collecting dust for a few months and now when i try to launch it, i get only the movie intro then a black screen. Rocket launcher UI and all the emulators launch and run fine but my Hyperspin front end seems to be the problem and im not sure what it is. I already check windows and my own anti virus and made sure hyperspin.exe and even the entire root folder of hyperspyn was an exception. This is my log. Any help will be appreciated. TIA 07:10:29 PM | HyperSpin Started 07:10:29 PM | Going FullScreen 07:10:29 PM | Checking for updates 07:10:29 PM | Update Check Complete 07:10:29 PM | Startup program unavailable 07:10:29 PM | Playing intro video 07:10:31 PM | Error intializing joysticks 07:10:31 PM | Menu Mode is multi 07:10:31 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 07:10:32 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 07:10:48 PM | Quiting Hyperspin 07:10:48 PM | Bye!
  2. Hi all. Ive been away from playing my hyperspin set up since august. Now rocketlauncher doesnt load and the updater.exe just blinks for a second and nothing happens. I redownlaoded the RL 7z from the download section but still same problem. Did something change since august? Thanks
  3. Technically mine didnt actually disappear. When i tried copying and pasting a settings.ini file from my other pc just to test it, it kept saying "do you want to replace it?" even though everytime i check its not there. Must be hidden. Weird. Anyway i couldnt figure it out so i just redownloaded HS to get a new ini file.
  4. What i checked was the HYPERHQ.exe to see if it was on read only
  5. So apparently my settings.ini file was missing altogether. How this happened? I have no clue. But i downloaded HS again. The settings.ini file is now there and everything seems to be working including my 360. Thanks to everyone in this great forum for the help.
  6. Copy that. Ill update tonight to see if this helped. Thanks
  7. I'll check that tonight. Where can i find the ini for hyperspin frontend? I dont think i made an exception for hyperspin on this 2nd pc. Hmm I'll check that tonight also. Hyperspin never seems to get blocked from launching though. Hmm Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Just checked. Its not. How i wish it was something that simple. I even tried running as administrator. Same deal. Settings keep reverting back to default when i close HyperHQ
  9. ok now that i've had a chance to cool off and look into this again, it seems that something is very wrong my HyperHQ on my other PC. Not only is it not keeping the settings i make to controls, (enable joystick box does not stay checked when i reopen Hyper HQ) The stuff in the volume tab doesnt work either. I lower the volume on some settings then i close HyperHQ. when i reopen it the settings are back to default. Is there an option somewhere in HyperHQ that forces everything to revert to default when i close it? or can i remove hyperHQ and reinstall it again? not sure if it comes by itself. worst case scenario is i have to try and reinstall Hyperspin along with everything else. I'd rather not do that. Has anyone else had this problem that hyperHQ reverts back to default settings when you close it? If anyone can provide some info on this it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Ive set up hyperspin on a 2nd pc and for some reason i cant get my 360 controller to work the HP menu. It works fine in the games just not in hyperspin. No idea of what i did differently. In hyperhq under the controls > joystick tab, everytime i check the box "joystick enabled" it becomes unchecked when i close and go back into hyperhq. This is the only difference i can find between my 2 pcs. Is there something i need to do to make the joystick enabled box to stick? Hope someone can help me. Ive waisted waaay to many hours trying to figure this out
  11. Is it under the "pause" section in the control tab? I see a desceiption that says "key that brings you back tobthe menu bar in pause..." I also see an "exit script key" that says " key to exit rocket launcher.exe in emergencies..." i dont think thats it. Am i in the wrong place?
  12. Sorry for the silly question. It just dawned on me that i've been exiting a game using escape on my keyboard this entire time. I'd like to be able to do this with a joystick. im still learning the software and im currently using an xbox 360 controller. I'd like to make a hotkey while in game to revert back to my hyperspin wheel. preferably a button combo hotkey like back +start. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks
  13. I just noticed NOW that the forum header says Hyper "PIN" not HyperSpin. DOH! This was definitely not meant to be on this forum section
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