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  2. I have had to look elsewhere to find them since I couldn't find them for purchase. Typing of the dead is available on steam however and it has a full version of house of the dead 3 overkill. Works great in a cab but be warned it isn't appropriate for young kids. Lots of bad language.
  3. There are many good gun games from multiple emulators outside of MAME. A must have tool for gun setups is demulshooter. It provides two player gun support on many emulators. Model 2 has virtua cop 1 and 2 and hotd. Model 3 has lost world Jurrasic park and star wars arcade. Demul has half a dozen nice games. Wii has a dozen games or so with ghost squad being the best in my opinion. Hikarubhas brace firefighters. Pscx2 I have time crisis 1 and 2 and vampire night working well. Pc games there is hotd 2and 3 and blue estate. Also typing of the dead overkill has a full version of house of the dead 3 overkill. Tons of games, definitely worth checking out.
  4. You are right it doesnt make any sense... maybe its a combination of the original troubleshooter running. I am at a loss, I just know if my guns arent working I update them in t2
  5. Honestly i don't do anything to start it, i just save the configuration in the app and it works LOL. If i change the gun IDs and save it, it doesnt work. It hooks into it somehow, not excatly sure of the process. I also have the orginal troubleshooter running, but I can that process is running in the background. As far as the lightguns. They work for PC games, wii (dolphin), model 2 and model 3, atomiswave and naomi using demul and silent hill on TTX
  6. Make the settings the same as mine on page 1, assuming you found and downloader hotd3_launcher You will need to change the ids to get the guns to work. I would start with gun 1 ID 0 and save it then try it with 1 gun until you get it working. Then do the same with gun 2.
  7. The biggest thing is sometimes the gun IDs change, especially if you unplug or move the guns from the USB I am also using hotd3_launcher.exe which i found on the hyperspin forums .
  8. Here are some more pics from the build process.
  9. I am using troubleshooter 2 for hotd3 pc version. I would try that. If it launches fine with rocketlauncher, theoretically i should work from hyperspin. troubleshooter just runs in the background you shouldnt need to launch it before the game.
  10. point and shoot... it has some movement to to open doors and but i just move the aimtrak and it picks it up. Seems to work just fine
  11. Yeah I started with a 32 which was fine when I was building everything and testing in the office. Once I got it mounted it was way to small so I upgraded to a 43 There actually100s of gun games between all the systems. House of the Dead III is the most played. And Blue Estate for the PC is also pretty fun
  12. Finally finished my fourth hyperspin build. I previously had a cocktail, a 2 player cabinet and a 4 player cabinet all running hyperspin. I set out to build a dedicated lightgun cabinet. It was going to be a small pedestal cabinet with 1 joystick/button setup and two light guns. I ended up doing a full custom 2 player pedestal with two light guns. I think it turned out great, setup to play the standard arcade emulators and PC games. 2 ultimarc u360's and 2 ultimarc aimtrak guns. GeForce 970 GPU with a 43" flat screen. Here are some pics of the final product!
  13. My iPac is almost 2 years old... and I dont switch. xbox360ce is def using the vjoy configuration. I remember now when I set it up it detected vjoy joysticks so I would try installing vjoy1.2 and have the enabled when configuring xbox360ce
  14. Actually I will double check tomorrow, trying to remember how the xbox360ce was mapping the buttons. I also have vjoy running but SFV wasnt working with just vjoy so I used xbox360ce which I think was mapping the buttons as button 1, 2, 3, etc. I will check tomorrow night but I think I need both running.
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