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  1. Sorry if this already was asked, I didn't read every post. I have all my roms, emulators and media on a NAS. Is it possible to acces this on the hyperspin (Nvidia Shield TV). Or does it need to put on a sd/hdd connected to the Nvidia Shield TV.
  2. Hi, thanks for you quick response, your videos are great! I was starting to get the errors when I was adding the C64. Don't know what I did wrong, but I could not fixed it anymore. Just starting to do a clean install again. Mame is now working, so the rest should also be fine.
  3. I have the same problem suddenly. I check all the ini files. Everything is going to the E: folder. I don't know where to change this. When I open the games (mame, snes, nes, etc) I always get the same error. Cant find database on c:...
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