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  1. The newer GTX cards (6 & 7 series) can run 3 screens (2 in XP and 3 or 4 in Windows 7 and greater) I'm just wondering if anyone has run 3 screens off of 1 video card (no I'm not going DMD...already have everything built) was the performance ok under Windows 7?
  2. The 600 series on video cards can handle 3 monitors...no need for 2 video cards with the GTX 660 that you selected.
  3. EXCELLENT...Thanks! I'll be in touch with the exact dates by as it stands right now I'm planning to get into Jersey late on Thursday July 11th and leaving on the 15th. So somewhere in between there would be great. Hey...how about a nice case of Canadian beer in exchange for the glass...?
  4. I'll take it...I'll be visiting friends in Washington, New Jersey (about 30 minutes away from you) in 2 weeks and can pick it up then...if that works for you. I'll give you some cash as I have not finished my build yet and don't have any tables yet...
  5. I used one of these 12v DC 10A power supplies to run my amp...should be more then enough...and remember to place a fuse in-line before the amp. http://www.ebay.com/itm/280835780071?var=580074767687&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  6. Looks like Lordlindy and I made the same mistakes...have to try an dremmel a channel down the one side...the mounting strips were put in with PL-Premium glue and then the screw holes were covered over with bondo = no chance of removing them...
  7. I went with an old school Orion 222SX amp I had from back in the day...running that with a dedicated 12v DC 10A power supply. I'm running it bridged, powering a pair of JBL speakers on the backglass and a Pioneer 8 inch Free-Air sub with a crossover. It sounds great...just hope to finish my build soon and have it all running together.
  8. I've been having second thoughts on the theme...I'm thinking something like "The Big Baller" and custom work to go with it...kind of a play on words.
  9. Current progress pictures...just starting to put the internal components in...now the real fun stuff starts (at least for me)... My only concern so far is the placement of the plunger...just a little close to the flippers...I should have gone over 1/4 inch more...Oh well, it's my first build and there are bound to be things come up...I'll just have to remember for my next build!!!
  10. Just a few updated Pictures... Test fit of the Playfield Screen...Fits like a glove Flipper Button Location...after moving them...again!!! DMD Test Fit Sanding the Cabinet...and the bottom with Channels routed out for the RGB Strip Lighting
  11. I use PL Premium...not a traditional glue...but the bonding strength with this stuff is incredible.
  12. Lordindy and I both purchased the UN46EH6003 (Same as the UN46EH6000) for our builds and the TV is a great fit, it's actually slimmer and in my opinion a better fit as a playfield monitor. Only 1/4 of an inch depth needs to be routed from each cabinet side and the slot is 5/8 wide to accommodate the slim 1/2 inch bezel.
  13. I have a question in regards to your build? Do you use the GTX 650 to run both the playfield and the backglass? Of do you use the on-board video for the backglass? If so; what is the performance like? do you have any stuttering?
  14. WOW...that's insane...Sorry to hear about the problems you are going through!
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