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  1. Thanks!, The paper Mario sidearts are not mine, and the marquee & cpo are modified by me. The bezel of PaperMario, and all the hyper MVS are made by me. The Smaller screen shows the second screen of the Nintendo Ds Emulator, in pinballs shows DMD and in Mame & Neogeo shows Snaps, marquees and flyers. In the others emulators shows a Hyperspin wallpaper.
  2. Hi, I'm from Spain and I want to show you my two Hyperspin home-made Cabs. The first is my "Paper Mario Dual Screen Arcade": The 7" screen it's really useful when playing the Nintendo DS emulator, having the primary screen in the 21" and the secondary in the 7". Also with Future and VPinball, having the DMD in the 7". In MAME the screen shows marquees, flyers and snaps of each game with cpwizard app. The other one is a NeoGeo MVS inspired Bartop. I've also done an arcade controller: So that's all. I hope you like it. Sorry if my english isn't good at all.
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