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  1. These are a great deal. $60 for 5 of em! Will def be picking these up for my build!
  2. So guess I'll finally make my thread for this. This is my second cab build, first time around I build a mid/medium size build. 24" play field and a 19" backglass. No extra toys, very basic, worked great but decided it was time to step up to a full size cab with all the toys! Here's a pic of it. Here's what'll be in the new one! - Cabinet Widebody based on the popular Williams plans by Mameman. Two 4x8 sheets of cabinet grade birch plywood - Screens 46" LED LCD - Playfield 32" LCD - Back glass Vishay DMD - PC Specs Windows 7 Intel i5 2500k GTX 460 Video Card 8 GB Ram 256 GB SSD Harddrive 600W Power Supply - Audio Most likely will be the following 8" Sub 5.25 Speakers 4 Channel amp for 5.25 Amp for Sub - Force Feedback Zebulon's Shaker/Gear motor assembly 8 Siemens Contactors Real Pinball Knocker - Lighting Zebulon's Cree LED light bar Two 21-LED Strobes - Controller Boards Zebulon's new booster boards for powering the toys, flashers and strobes RussDX's PinDMD2 to control the Vishay DMD Ultimarc IPAC2 USB interface for buttons LEDWIZ - Buttons Bally Yellow Launch Ball Button 4x GroovyGamer Electric ICE 2 Concave Lightable Horizontal Pushbutton with RGB Drive II Stern Green Start Button Stern Red Button(For Exit) Williams/Bally Orange Extra Ball Button - Misc Vintage Midway Coin Door So, that's what I plan on putting in it. I'm still a long way away from having it completed. As of right now I've got the cabinet built, the buttons/coin door/cabinet legs installed and that's it. Probably 3 weekends worth of work so far. Next on the checklist is to paint the cabinet and get it ready to move inside so the wife can have her parking spot back in the garage lol. Here's some pics of the progress so far. So that's where I'm at. Plan is to paint it a satin black, and then eventually I'll print up some vinyl from the graphics that Stuzza from vpforums has been graciously sharing. Build will probably slow a bit as I'm to the part where everything I need to order starts getting expensive I'm stealing the PC from my previous build so that's set. TVs/control boards/other misc cabinet parts(rails/lockdown/etc) are still to come!
  3. Perfect! Thanks for the help! lol ok I thought of one last question. The power switch on the plug you linked, do you use that at all or would I be able to get away with just this http://www.amazon.com/Interpower-8301213-Disconnects-Socket-Rating/dp/B00917Z96S/ref=pd_sim_e_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0DK0JQMP6YFKQQ5VWQ9B and running a separate button to the motherboard?
  4. Thanks! One last question, I promise! How is this wired from your pc? Any chance you could snap a pic of the wiring from the pc to this plug on the inside of your cab?
  5. Ack, ok not the power button, the power plug you have there, sorry!
  6. That power button, where'd you get it and how is it wired up? I want to do a similar style plug for my cabinet but I have no idea what to look for or how it'd get wired up to my power bar in the cabinet.
  7. What width is your cabinet? I built a similar size mini pin and had a custom lockdown bar made for it. I'm moving on to a full size build so I'm wondering if the lock down bar I have might fit yours?
  8. Received my custom lock down bar today and it was definitely worth the wait!! Exactly what I wanted, very high quality and a price you can't beat! I've posted some pics in another thread. Anyone on the fence about ordering from Jack should do it if you want a high quality custom lockdown bar at a price that noone else can even come close to! Thanks again Jack!
  9. Do I send you a PM about them, what's the best way to get in contact about ordering one? Thanks
  10. I too will be needing a custom lockdown bar for my mini pin soon, are you still accepting orders for them?
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