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  1. vulbas, try emailing them again. They responded quite promptly to my requests. I sent them my faulty segments (bubble envelope, only 1,80 euro shipping NL-->DE), and received new segments from pinled within a week) edit: when you get new segments, dont forget to rotate pin 1 to the top left! orientation does matter!
  2. nice to hear from you shifters. From your post i take it that you have spoken to pixelmagic? because he has not made a (public) appearance all winter, and it is finally summer again in the Netherlands....
  3. I'm no expert, but the phidget seems to be limited to 80ma per output. The ledwiz can output 500ma per output. This would mean the common flasher RGB leds (which are 350ma) can only be used on the phidget when combined with an extension board (like zebulons booster-board), which adds more $ to the price.........
  4. My pinled display has a developed 3 faulty pixels, over the last month. One dead pixel, and two pixels wont go above medium brightness. I have contacted pinled, and they said: mail the faulty segments to me in a bubblewrap envelope, and you will get new segments. I will be missing 3 segments on my display for quite a while, but it sounds better than shipping the entire display to Germany. An envelope is relatively cheap to send. Can i operate the display with 3 segments missing? edit: mailed pinled again: Yes you can use the display with detached segments
  5. hey Russ, did you ever get contacted by the Homepin guy, who is supposedly making white 128x32 non-segmented displays which you can use with a color filter?
  6. rev630-16.dfu *** 05/05/2013 * *************************************** GPIO swapped to OpenDrain to better support xPin DMD's Does this do anything for the power problem facing the xPin and Pinled displays? or is it not related to that also: prices for high power plasma screens have gone up by 75% in the last year or so. Just as we are getting an affordable way of using them in our cabs......
  7. Ofcourse people would rather use cheap plasma displays. Powering them is the issue though: check their datasheets, they need all sorts of crazy voltages. There are 12v plasma displays out there (vishay with on board power supply), but they cost about 350 pounds.
  8. You can get the xpin in a 5v version, and also a 65v version. If you did not specify anything when ordering, the needed voltage is probably 65v.......... something else: has anyone ever tried/seen/bought the Babcock/microsemi PD01F221 ???? it is a plasma DMD 128x32 with onboard DC-DC converter (it accepts 12v), and what looks like the standard 14 pin connector. Sounds great, right? Cant find any for sale though...
  9. have you tried the new firmware for the PinDMD2, there were some problems with the initial rev. ? might be just that?
  10. Do i need to install a fuse or anything between a pinled display and the 12v coming from my computers power supply? The display has a glass fuse on-board. i am hooking it up, while we await the arrival of the PINDMD2
  11. Anyone know what display this could be? http://www.pinballcenter.eu/catalog/dot-matrix-128-led-display-blue-stern-sam-p-4144.html?language=english they say its the stern OEM, but i did not know they had blue..... also the price 249 seems low for a stern OEM display
  12. well, you can still order the 12v plasma's. The 16 week lead time that seems to be the norm, leads me to believe the displays still need to be manufactured.
  13. If this doesnt generate the needed voltages, then what does it do? I'm just curious http://rottendog.us/DPS004.htm
  14. Why should pixel or zeb make a powerboard for normal dmd;s?, why can't we use a rottendog power supply , or an original like the one below? Should still be a lot cheaper than the 440 euro (578 dollars!) the 12v display would cost me. http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/520-5138-00
  15. For everyone still looking for a DMD: mouser still has one of the awesome 12v plasmas in stock, the APD128G32A, but at a euro price of 370 euro (440 euro inc.tax, shipping, etc), its a bit pricey. has anyone in europe ordered a xpin?
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