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  1. why not use a 27 inch monitor? much cheaper
  2. 16:10 would fit the proportions of a backbox better, but these monitors are hard to find (or very expensive).......
  3. I, and many others, have a working coin mech + programmed the ipac to output "5" for a button combo (like start+left flipper), so you always add free credits easily.
  4. I think that a 37" mounted normally will look weird. An actual backbox is no more than about 25-26 inch wide. You could consider mounting the backbox TV in portrait mode. there have been several builds with a portrait mounted 16:9 TV as a backbox. Usually this is done by EM lovers. Here is an example: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=14734 By far the best option is a 30" 16:10 monitor. Unfortunately, these are REALLY expensive.
  5. Looks great, but a HD-ready 720p screen for the playfield????? Please spend an extra 20 bucks on a fullhd screen.
  6. Try your local pinball shops first, they may seem a bit more expensive, but with taxes and shipping, the US is mostly too damn expensive. example: i ordered a ledwiz, this 45 dollar device cost me: 45 + 18 shipping + 9.45 sales tax + 17.90 customs fee = 90.45 dollar You could also place an ad for "empty p2000 cabinet wanted".... Also: 4k is going to happen sooner or later. 4k computer monitors can already run at 60hz via dual-hdmi trickery, but for TV's i guess we are going to have to wait for a new hdmi standard. Some VP tables already have playfield images in approx 4k resolutions, like stargate i believe. Seemed foolish only a year or so ago.....
  7. I have two Sega/Data East cabinets, one with buttonguard siderails, one without. The one without is 110 cm long, the one with buttonguards is 111 cm long ( measured on top, so excluding the continuing side-flaps) i also have WPC wide body, which has 108,5 cm long siderails (also excl. the continuing side flaps), with a standard lockbar (7 cm high)
  8. Maybe they already accounted for the fact that most people who construct their own cabinet make it a bit shorter than a real cabinet, to hide the fact that a 16:9 TV is shorter than an actual playfield. I believe the virtuapins are also shorter than a real cabinet.
  9. It does not look like it will fit inside the cabinet. You put it on top of the wood? like an oldschool build? I was looking at the Panasonic TX-L39E6EK, it is relatively cheap, and supposed to be only 519 mm high, which should JUST fit inside a standard cabinet, without the need for decasing. It does look like it has a protrusion at the bottom (for the logo) Anyone used this TV?
  10. This looks like the red 8x8 pinled (which is 189 from pinled itself). IMO, the 16x16 orange one looks much nicer.
  11. Could be anything really, without more information. This will prove hard to figure out remotely. Only thing i can think of is the "show future pinball = yes" setting in the .ini file, maybe it still says "no"" ....... Side note: commonly, people with virtual pinball cabinets look 10-20 years older than people who decided against building a cabinet
  12. This is currently a nice price for an original pinball DMD. It should be noted though, that unlike the APD128G0320A00G01, the 'normal' vishay plasma does not have a built in power supply. This is because a pinball machine can already provide all the neccesary voltages. For virtual pinball use, you would have to couple this 150 euro DMD with at least 150 euro's worth of transformers (80 + 100 volt) and a DMD power board. Yes, this is cheaper than buying the APD128G0320A00G01 with built in power supply, but it introduces complicated high-voltage wiring to your cabinet. Not to mention the headache of finding all the right parts......
  13. the best looking DMD screens are the vishay plasma screens. You can also get these with onboard power supply, the 12 volt plasma vishay looks much better/more authentic than the LED DMD's. It is also plug and play: you can power it from your PC power supply's 12 volt. vishay part no: APD128G0320A00G01 Down side is the price. Mouser sells these at 373 euro (excluding tax). But the question was: "what is the BEST dmd". also: regarding the LED vishay DMD's: there are two different models. One is segmented, just like the Xpin and Pinled displays. This is the one sold by virtuapin for example. You can check the forum there, it also has people complaining about misaligned segments on the vishays. There is also an unsegmented version, but this one is almost as expensive as the 12 volt plasma. an overview of the different models, and approx euro pricing including tax: vishay APD128G0320A00G01 (12v plasma) +- 430 eur vishay LEE128G0320001E90 (unsegmented 5v led) +-380 eur vishay LEE128G032B000E90 (segmented 5v led, like the one from virtuapin. also available in red) +- 300 eur pinled 12v orange +- 219 eur xpin 5v +- 300 eur
  14. - 100% smooth surface for application of vinyl - vinyl is cut 1 mm or more from the edge, leaving the edges exposed and visible (this helps against unwanted peeling)
  15. The tron decal set is still available and very reasonably priced. Pinball life has the complete decal set for 150 USD. Why can we get tron decals for 150, but not anything else? (for under 300 usd). I would love to have the x-men for that price
  16. Looks nice and solid! great build. and i am so jealous of the backglass monitors that are apparantly still available in the US. I have been searching for a 16:10 28 inch monitor for over a year now, and still nothing.... The hannsapple, which was available here, contained a 16:9 panel.......
  17. and you do know what to do with the left? curious...:hmmmm2: the ipac2 is fully programmable, so what exactly is your problem?
  18. I believe zeb already switched to the vpu config tool to generate the file on his website (after complaints about non working tables).. So there would be no need for zebs board users to go to the VPU tool. And why would non-board users go for his default configuration, when we have this lovely tool to generate a personal .ini already. You could auto generate a zeb .ini and place it between the files as a service to them. (but zeb could just use the api to auto update the file on his own website) Also: a link to a short and easy "how-to setup the ledwiz on your cab" would be great for new users. They are not helped (but rather confused) by the detailed thread currently linked to
  19. figuring out electrical basics, which people glance over or omit in tutorials can be a bitch. But just imagine the sense of accomplishment when you DO get it all to work.
  20. vulbas, try emailing them again. They responded quite promptly to my requests. I sent them my faulty segments (bubble envelope, only 1,80 euro shipping NL-->DE), and received new segments from pinled within a week) edit: when you get new segments, dont forget to rotate pin 1 to the top left! orientation does matter!
  21. Given the fact that you are having it built, i take it that costs are not important. I would go for a "fully loaded" machine, since the toys give a lot of added realism to the simulation. Using zebulons expensive but awesome boards, most toys are relatively plug and play hardwarewise. Adding all these toys does complicate things sofware-wise: configuring everything, and trouble-shooting is going to be a HUGE timesink. Also: see if you can get a recessed playfield (this adds a sense of depth to the playfield, esp. with ledwiz flashers under the glass)
  22. cherry dmd's do NOT work with pinDMD1, noone so far has tried them on the pinDMD2. But unless you have a (extremely rare) 12v cherry display, you will first have to face the problem of powering the thing....... If you come up with a solution that is easily available in NL, then please let us know. And if it does work with the pinDMD2, then great, also let us know (i also have a spare cherry display lying around).
  23. all the info you need is here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=23249&page=1 If someone comes up with a european alternative for the transformer&powerboard, that would be awesome. The shipping costs from the US are killing us.....
  24. Yes, it will probably work. But it will need some special hardware to provide the needed voltages. check vpforums: someone (in USA) is selling the 80&100v transformers you will need, you will also need a DMD power board (i believe zebulon is workin on providing those) edit: if that is too much hassle, then just sell the display, and buy a new 5v or 12v DMD display: these are plug and play. cost range from 199 euro for a pinled display, to 400 euro for a vishay plasma with onboard powersupply: http://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Vishay-Dale/APD128G0320A00G01/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvkC18yXH9iIurp2WUOVpc7dGksEUtLyZo%3d from the datasheet: -very affordable:rofl: edit2: can you describe how you re-set the corners?
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