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  1. I just wanted to add a point to the list: You should be able to scale images in the Themes so people don't have to resize their box art when the images are too big for a theme. This means there should be an s=.75 parameter added that would scale the original image to 75 percent of it's original size for example. Since you already have x,y and r parameters to position and rotate the image this addition seems to be a no brainer. I'm not sure if point 6 in the enhancement list for HyperTheme already covers this. Just wanted to make sure it gets implemented. It's easy enough to do after all...
  2. To the developers of HyperSpin of course...
  3. One of the first things I learnd about HyperSpin is that you can't scale artwork in themes. This means that people have to convert/resize their entire artwork collection to make it fit into a specific Theme (box art for example). This obviously can't be the solution. Since you already have the r parameter to rotate images pls implement the s parameter to scale the artwork. This feature should be a no brainer and easy enough to implement.
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