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  1. FYI.. I haven't turned my pi on ever since i released my last pi COLOSSAL 256gb Retro image months ago. Android IMO is a better system to play with. Does far better in emulation and non gaming things. As for advancing forward. I have a say in how amiga goes forward with HS, and yes, AGA and NON wheels will be implement. Optimized uae configs for each game etc etc. It looks like work on this will be doubled up from yourself and the "other side." It's a shame it was never worked "as a team" instead of divide and conquer approach. Lucky for me, I have 4 other guys willing to help and advance amiga forward with HS and my new hdfs. So i dare say it wont take that long.
  2. You still holding your breath for Amiberry for Android? Really after all these years... ? With no proof or any evidence the port to Android is possible. I've given up waiting. The dev is way to busy with supporting Amiberry on single board computers then to mess with an unfamiliar OS. Uae4arm is the way to go forward on Android, and with any issues or hiccups, lubo is surely prepared to at least look at it and or solve it. If or when Amiberry arrives on Android I'll then pay attention to it. Otherwise Ill spend my time elsewhere.
  3. I had all this in the back of my mind to make the HDFs universal friendly. Yes barbarian + is there, dam too easy game finish it in under 5 minutes lol. Your welcome mate..
  4. Correct.. There are a lot more games in folder 1 which is what youve mainly been waiting for all the rest are extra games.
  5. @Honosuseri Merry Christmas & A Happy & Safe New Year to you and your family....... On a side note would all whdload lha names renamed to something more "normal" work? Or is HDF the way forward?
  6. Green/Red look great. Even the 1st one looks good. I like the video/screenshot box in the 1st one.
  7. Rest assured there is a lot of work im doing at my end to finalize a huge amount of preconfigured games in HDF format before the release Amiberry on Android. I want to have everything complete so the transition is quick & smooth. Currently I have 3,100 HDFs in total I have manually made each one. Testing them one at a time and making sure these work 100% Must say I have expert help by people behind the scenes from eab. 1. DamienD teaching me how a HDF is converted from whdloafld. And of course 2. RetroPlay. Without his help it would of been impossible to create some problematic HDFs that would crash or give weird errors. After all.. All the HDFs are sourced from ............. latest Whdload set. So bravo to these gents. Being persistant and very helpfull along the way. Games like Pinball Prelude would only load table 1. I have made a menu that launches and allows you to select either of the 3 tables. Impossible to do without a menu. I have quite a few games like this ie. Populous & Data Disks etc etc. Allowing you to select what you want to loaf from launching the HDF. Looks like I have anywhere from 2 to 4 hundred HDFs remaining my guess. @thatman when you have HDF games i suggest making configs for them. Simple A1200 quickstart configs should be enough. Any other problematic games will require a600 quickstart. Worst case scenario I will have working configs for them all on my Raspberry Pi. Thats enough from me. See you guys soon.
  8. ransom1122


  9. WOW.. And Here I am born and bred with the Commodore Amiga since '87, And still going strong in 2018!! I have made many emulated project with Amiga.. XboxClassic.. Xbox360.. PSP.. PS3.. RPi3.. Now Shield... Future got my eye on PS4 then hopefully Xbone
  10. Amiga emulation has always been a complex system. Especially because no emulator comesclose to winuae on pc. Amiberry & uaerarm i guess are thrn next best thing at the moment. Until the new version comes out.. Yaaaawwnnn.. Ive spent well over 12months on my pi amiga image its not perfect but im pretty happy with what it is becoming. I think buy February i need to sway from the pi ship to android ship and chip away at it. Just when oh when is amiberry coming on android. Taking sooo looong...
  11. I have noticed not much love for Amiga on HS or Android. regardless my interests are there. ?
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