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  2. I've been meaning to Brag on Brad for a while. He helped me out on troubleshooting my application, and is generally a really good guy. In my case since I was recreating an existing cabinet, I could have purchased silkscreened art for the sides from Pheonix arcade. But I ended up going with Brad's shop because of his excellent service and guidance and I couldn't be happier. The quality and detail couldn't be better. People who see the art are wowed, and can't believe they are digital prints. Thank you for all your help Brad!
  3. Done! Will post some details photos soon, but I'm really pumped about my Cab! Great Graphics Printed by Brad Bowman / Lucian. Thank you for all your help man! I had a little trouble apply vinyl.. but was totally my fault.
  4. I just sent my art off to Lucian/Brad to get printed, here's the graphics mockup I created with many sheets of paper and alot of tape. I'm getting really stoked about finishing this thing
  5. Thanks!, not a copy of the CP, but designed in the style of it, I tried to use slot of the same elements. The original CP had a more washed out orangy-red ... but then bright red on the bezel. Color consistency didn't seem that important to Atari back in 81 apparently. But yeah.. I agree ,I made the red brighter to match the buttons, but I'm gonna try it with the OG color tomorrow, see if I like it better No coin door at the moment, or at least not a functional one. I'm gonna use the bottom for storage so I don't want to lock the door. I'm afraid my 2 yr old son will mess with it and break it if he can get to the rear of it. (And probably eat the coins.) I'm thinking on building something to mimic the look of it though... it does needs something on the bottom.
  6. So close! Painting is complete! Touch ups were a nightmare, I shouldn't have bothered with the spray paint... I should have just fixed my mistakes and set up the HVLP again for a final pass. Oh well live and learn. I've gotten everything reassembled, Just need to finalize Graphics and send to Brad for printing. Then I can get all of the buttons installed and drop the computer in. I printed some graphics on the laser printer at work to get a sense of how they will look, I'm a little worried the control panel looks too busy, so i may have to simply. The green circles are button holes.
  7. That aluminum bezel sounds really interesting, do you mind sharing a picture. As far as tinted glass or plexi. I'm not too savvy on the purpose of the tinting the glass or plexi. I've heard it mentioned here and there... but not quite sure what purpose the tint will serve. I am however interested in what its all about. I am hoping to apply my bezel graphics to the back of the plexi so that it has that glossy look. I chose plexi since I could cut it on my table saw and get it to fit just right without having to deal with a glass cutter/shop. Progress wise, I did some painting this weekend. I rolled white on the sides, but I hate the way it came out. Very orange peel texture, gonna have to sand that down and probably spray on a new coat. I sprayed the black today with my HPLV gun and it came out fantastic. Im using Rustoleum Satin since its the only oil based black paint I could pick up off the shelf, and since I can grab a few cans of the same paint in spray cans for touch ups. I've got to paint the backs of a few panels and touch up a few mistakes tomorrow, then reassemble once its all dry. I hoping to have my control layout sorted out by then so I can start on the control panel. ( the white sides are still masked under plastic)
  8. Inching along... I got speakers installed last night, and crafted marquee retainers tonight. I used the leftover ABS from my failed thermoforming attempt and simply cut pieces at the correct bevel, and glued them together with some ABS weld glue. I'm really happy with how it turned out... It was probably overkill, seeing as I sunk an entire night into it, but at least I didn't need to buy anything else I'm hoping to get some paint on it this weekend, Im tired of looking at gray. Needs more black... and white... which consequently combine to make gray... but whatever. Then to finalize my control layout and start thinking about graphics.
  9. Indeed, many thanks to all those before me who persevered the art Here is a detail from my plans of how I did the bezel support. Im using 1/4" plexi so it only has to be supported from the top and bottom. I'm using a piece of 1/8" as a mockup, it works, but flexes if you put pressure on it. The 1/4" doesn't flex The plexi rests in a rabbet at the bottom and is supported from behind with an angled strip of plywood. The rear support may be unnecessary in the long run. At the top its supported by an angled piece of plywood and a small retainer piece in the front made from solid wood. I did this since its thinner has such a large bevel on it, I didn't want plys showing through or cracking. SaveSave SaveSave
  10. I finally got back on the cabinet last night. I've been traveling and have had a pretty long list from my wife of projects to get through, so I don't think I've touched it in almost 2 weeks. It doesn't look like I've done much, but I got some good stuff done. I had to fix a mistake I made where the front of the control panel was too tall, thus making the plexi bezel too small (this was an easy fix, but very time consuming). I've gotten the power supply and cord in, fans installed, and built and installed a keyboard drawer. Next up is installing speakers, cutting holes in control panel, figuring out marquee retainers, and prepping for paint. I also probably need to add a vent to the top rear, but I don't think it has to happen before paint.
  11. Hi Anon, The primer is Rustoleum spray can Filler primer. Very good product, fills the pores in the wood well. But Ive gone through way too many cans... if I do this again Im going to try to roll or brush on, the spray cans have been very pricey. I'm sanding smooth between layers, but only two layers, this stuff builds quickly so I don't need a lot of coats. Yes its veneered Ply, I'm not crazy about MDF, it dulls blades so fast and requires many extra steps in my opinion. I'll be painting the cab satin black with an HVLP gun then rolling the sides with white and lightly sand out the roller bumps smooth. (Side art, will fully cover sides and has a white background, I don't want black under the vinyl ), Im gonna try adding penetrol to the white paint... its supposed to help it self level smooth I hope to get some work done this week, back from the road trip from hell.
  12. Great Progress tonight, I got the control panel support bracket, the bezel glass support pieces, glass and monitor installed tonight. Not bad for a weeknight. Hopefully I can get the drawer built tomorrow night, because after that I'll be on a week hiatus to drive about 12 hours to my wife's cousin's wedding. I may have to feign an illness or injury to stay home and work on the Cab. Next up more fiddly bits... Fans, power supply, speakers, on and on.
  13. Thanks Metalzoic, I'll probably give that a try, I've got a friend thats a engineer/foreman at a fabrication shop. I thought about asking him to bend two pieces of sheet metal for me at the correct angles (top is 110° and bottom is 100°) But thats probably overkill and I kind of want to save that favor for something more important.
  14. Not as much progress as I hoped this weekend, but I had a pretty sizable Honey Do list to get through. I got the cab primed and sanded and Front door cut, edge banded and installed. But more importantly, I found an original marquee on ebay, and it got here fast! But I had to make some adjustments, as it was taller than I anticipated. I ended up moving the top panels up about a half an inch. I tried making a marquee retaining clip across the top from a thermoformed sheet of ABS.... it worked great, I heated the plastic In the oven, clamped it into a mold and let it cool, and the angle fit perfectly.... BUT, the plastic contracted about 1.5" so now its too short, the largest sheet I could get was 24" so I guess I'll have to figure out something else. In the mean time I've made a temporary clip from 3/16" plywood. I hope to build and install the keyboard drawer tonight. Then I'll have the bezel support, monitor mounting, speaker and electrical installation left to do before final painting.
  15. Not as much progress tonight on the Cab.. mostly fiddly bits to do, and I had to take off the bottom shelf... forgot to cut the slot for t- molding. I'm just going to press ahead with the control panel as is. I don't think I want to switch to a centipede cabinet, so figure if I need to design a slide out control panel, it will be simpler to modify something, than start from scratch.
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