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  1. Thank you! Well I happen to have another machine to hand, with a AMD Athlon II X2 250 64-bit processor - dual core 3.00Ghz How to you think this would fair up? Still not great?
  2. Further to the above, the ebay seller has confirmed the machine "features integrated graphics and does not come with a dedicated graphics card" Does an integrated AMD Radeon R7 Series Graphics stand a chance?
  3. Hello Everyone, I have another thread about using older equipment to get a Hyperspin setup going, but I am toying with the idea of buying something. I am trying to achieve up to more modern emulation, like Cemu and some more modern PC games, however I am not expecting to run high performance games like CoD or Witcher. What are your thoughts on something like this: Ebay Link Spec is: AMD Athlon A8-7650K 4.2GHz OC Quadcore Processor AMD Radeon R7 Series Graphics 16GB 1600MHz RAM/Memory 1TB Hard Drive The only mods I would do, would be an SSD with the OS and Hyperspin on, then use the 1TB HDD it comes with for my games? Is there a preferred OS for Hyperspin? Didn't know if jumping straight in at Windows 10 64bit was wise? Thank you.
  4. Thank you again HyperNewbie. Well, I am hoping to run "new-ish" emulators, but I am not expecting miracles. Could you point me in the direction of a reasonably graphics card that can play some of the more modern games i.e. super street fighter (PC)? Austin (in the video above) seems to be running a nVidia 8800GT 1GB. What do you think of this? Whilst the rest of the hardware may not hold up, at least I could take the graphics card with me onto the next machine? At this stage I am just trying to make use of equipment around me.
  5. I have been given another machine, which I think may have better specs. It is a "homemade" computer rather than branded, as I learned, the Dell's above cannot be OC'd. CPU on this one is: AMD Athlon II X2 250 64-bit processor - dual core 3.00Ghz Guessing this would be more favourable than thje above x2 machines. Apparently it can be OC'd. In terms of graphic cards, CPU-Z is telling me it has a "GeForce 8100 nForce 720a". Is this any good??
  6. Thank you. It has a 32bit windows OS on at present, thinking of upgrading to 64bit windows and upgrading RAM. Crucial say the maximum is 8GB. Could I go to 16GB? It has x2 banks.
  7. In a bizarre twist, I have been given access to 4 older computers not needed at work! They are: Dell Optiplex 745 - with an Intel E6400 processor 2.13Ghz Dual Core, exact spec from Dell's website: "PROCESSOR, 6400, 2.13, 2M, CORE DUO-CONROE, BURN 2" Dell Inspiron 530 - with a Intel E2180 processor , 2.00Ghz Dual Core, exact spec from Dell's website: "PROCESSOR, E2180, 2.0, 1MB, PCO, M0" Anyone know what the better of the 2 machines above, would be a good base for this project? Both appear to be able to be overclocked.
  8. Thank you, you have definitely made me think about this now. I would need a clever way to house the pc in my front room, the models I have been looking at haven't been the prettiest looking devices! Hey! This would be my dream. Have been looking a older cabs, its the wiring and TV angle / positioning (would want a new TV inside it) that really puts me off
  9. I see your logic there, hmmmm something I hadn't really thought about. What kind of controllers do you use for this kind of setup? How do you manager starup and shutdown of the PC? Do you leave on for prolonged periods of time?
  10. Thank you for the reply. I will do some research on this company, thank you. In terms of what I want to play, everything up to some of the more modern PC games. In terms of set top boxes, are there ones that are can play everything up to some of the more modern PC games but also have Hyperspin and run older emulators? I had never been keen on hooking up a PC to the current entertainment system.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am based in the UK, Kent. So the time has come! I am moving home in a few weeks and I have the space for a floor standing x2 player cabinet - cannot wait! I am fairly comfortable with PC hardware, building PC's, software usage. I haven't used Hyperspin, but have been reading various guides and watching videos in prep! I don't have any experience with wiring however, i.e. lights, speakers, joysticks etc. I am hoping to buy a cabinet with, lights etc, but no PC as I am happy to do this myself. I would like to play a range of systems and emulators, up to the latest PC games. I havent bought anything yet, and I have a budget of around £1000 I have a few questions: 1. Does anyone know of a supplier in the UK I could buy a cabinet from, ideally with lights, speakers and joystick wired in? I do not have a preference on monitor size at this stage. 2. In terms of PC spec, I am working looking at a spec of: 64 bit, intel dual core, 8GB ram, SSD for OS + hyperspin, decent size HD (min 7200 RPM) for games. Am I on the right track? Thanks everyone.
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