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  1. Invincer

    Reading Comics through Hyperspin

    Hi Guys, As I mentioned in the thread about manuals and using ComicRack through Hyperspin for manuals, I set up the comics theme on MegaUpload, but it is massive in size mostly because of the videos. Anyone is free to use any part of it or edit anything that dan be improved, and if someone can shrink down the vids Bill may even want to put it on the FTP. I offered to give the link to anyone that wanted to try it out to make sure they could work on someone else's set up, but no one PM'd me for a link. So, anyways, this is the link... if it works for anyone DLing it let it be know,, and if not, let me know so I can change it if anything needs changing. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SPI470S4 In reference to using Hyperspin with CDisplay, originally I was going to go that route, but with Hyperspin not being able to do sub-directories, it would havve been a nightmare to go through thousands of comics that way. It would have made going through MAME games a walk in the park in comparison. The maiin reason for using ComicRack was CR is able to save groups of comics as a comiclibrary group in a custom .cbl file. So all Amazing Spider-Man comics, annuals, limited series, etc can be saved as say "Amazing Spider-Man.cbl" or something similar. Then in the Comics theme from the main menu in HS I click the Amazing Spider-Man theme which points to the Amazing Spider-Man.cbl and voila; the group of ASM comics opens in CR. Then in CR I find the exact comic I want to read. The only way I could imagine CDisplay (or manuals) to work well in HS would be generating some sort of html files for each colllection, then clicking say Iron Man on the wheel to give a HTML list of all Iron Man comics where you click on a link and it opens the comic in CDisplay (or similarly the PDF file in Adobe Reader for manuals). Maybe Bill has some oter ideas. Either way, this link above had all the artwork etc I used, so feel free touse it as long as the link stays up.
  2. Invincer

    Disable Current Genre Message?

    Just a thought, but it might be a good option if the all games genre were blank and did not pop up, while any of the specific genres could do as it does now. I know if on all games, I don't need it constantly telling me the genres are not filtered. If I am on a specific genre though like sports or puzzles or something, then the pop ups reminding the user they are on a specific genre would be good
  3. Invincer

    *Planned and Possible Feature Requests*

    I was wondering if there is anything to accomodate people with wider screens than 1048 x 768. I know this has been brought up in the past. Hyperspin was not made for wide screen users and those of us that use it full screen have to live with a bit of screen stretching. Although I would prefer not stretching the screen, I live with it because even stretched HS beats every other FE out there graphically and effect wise. I also know one of the reasons it hasn't been considered is because all the themes are made at 1048x768 and there is no way it would be reasonable to redo all the themes for people with wide screen monitors. There then would be the issue of themes being released and having different versions for different resolutions and it could become a nightmare. I understand and completely agree that in that way it would be more trouble than it's worth... However... just an idea... How about if there was a choice for regular size screens and a choice for wide screen monitors in the config settings. Regular size monitors would continue to display the way they do now. Wide screen could display the whole Hyperspin wheel non-stretched at 1048x768 but there would be a seperate image placeholder off to the left or right of the wheel for putting a system or theme related image like in the whole media folder image1 image2 etc area. Think of it kind of like the way you see MAME displays an artwork overlay on the sides of some vertical shooter games. It could be like an "Overlay" or "Widescreen" image folder alongside the other media folders for themes and sytem themes. Maybe with a "default" overlay image if no custom one is there. I could imagine custom images could be made containing maybe the game or system logo or text description of the game or something in this regards. I don't know if it would be possible, but it would certainly be a way to accomadate the widescreen owners by letting them run HyperSpin non-stretched in a practicle way and would not require a complete redoing of any of the themes. I can't be the only widescreen user out here? What do you think?
  4. Invincer

    Reading Comics through Hyperspin

    Hey StarControl, I will look into the commmands you mentioned, but I am not keen on writing the entire XML file over line by line. The problem is every person's config.xml may be unique on their config settings for how they want ComicRack to display. It controls the layout, whether there is one or dual screens, hotkeys etc. It would be best if it would just read and change the one line about the folder. I am going to try to look into Xpath which SophT turned me onto, but that may be over my head, we'll see. I had tried to keep the vids small to not cover up too much of the main backgrounds. If everyone would rather they be bigger I could try expanding their sizes in the themes (keep in mind if anyone wants to resize video on any theme is is easy and can be done in seconds on the theme's xml). ComicRack allows you to save ComicLists (essentially "cbl"files) which amount to be similar to folders with their own views. Unfortunately, being pretty new software, I have noticed some bugs if delving into their more advanced features. For instance, if opening a cbl file in ComicRack would take me to the CBL file upon opening like any other application in this situation would, making it work with Hyperspin would be easy. Right now it doesn't pretty much making CBL files useless in this facet. I have commented on their forums and mentioned this, they responded that the next release will concentrate more on CBL files, which would give an easy solution for working with or in Hyperspin. Still, if this can be done with folders on the config.xml line it would be easier for users since they would only need to put the cbr/cbz file in the apprpriate folder to have it work; where you would have to reupdate your cbl file every time you added a comic using cbls. We will see. You may want to try editing that config of yours manually and see if that has anything to do with it not working right on your scans though... Maybe try deleting the config or renaming it making ComicRackk open and create adefault one might work?
  5. Invincer

    Reading Comics through Hyperspin

    Took a while, but videos uploaded to Youtube and linked at the top of this thread..
  6. Invincer

    Reading Comics through Hyperspin

    Youtube rejected the video for being too long, splitting and will put up here in a few minutes...
  7. Invincer

    Reading Comics through Hyperspin

    _wpeLdSpmdU ZVC4exSF9KM hKYzecBxJM0 This is split into three youtube videos (hopefully audio won't be erased by them). I tried to get enough of each theme to give a general idea, though each is too long a montage video on them to record them all the way through for this preview. This is what I have been working on. I am not in any way a practiced theme maker but I played around with these till I was personally happy with them. Used character wallpapers, comic thumbnails as images, customized special series swfs, custom pointer, sounds from super hero cartoons, and some pretty good and appropriate super hero tribute videos on youtube. My cab is a super hero themed cab, so in addition to MAME, I wanted super hero games, movies, cartoons, and of course comics. I had collected comics as a kid and recently thanks to digital comics as cbr and cbz files the colllection urges have arisen again, especially since it is much more feasable to have a fulll collection of a large say 600+ series as digital comics than it ever would be as the real things. Thank Marvel for selling their entire series runs on DVD a few years ago (although those were on old yucky PDF files) for getting me interested again. There have beeen a few digital comic readers through the years, but a new one called ComicRack has recently sprung up which can open a browser of a folder of comics in thumbnail format. Scroll up down left right find the one you want, mapped apprpriate button opens comic in new window and move through it with joystick. Even better, for those of us with dual monitors, the browser can open on 2nd display, choose comic to read, opens full screen in primary display while comic browser in 2nd display. Actually quite comfortable to read on the cab too. Integration with Hyperspin: Since the main and 21 series themes are ready, now trying to figure out how to get Hyperspin (or HyperLaunch.ahk in particular) to push through a series of events to open a comic series through Hyperspin. There is a config file for ComicRack in it's folder under Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\cYo\ComicRack\ called config.xml. In it there is a line... <LastExplorerFolder>Z:\COMICS\Amazing Spider-Man</LastExplorerFolder> ..Z:\COMICS\ is obviously where I keep my comics, and the subfolder would be the name/description of what would be the series opening as categorized. For instance, in the above example, "The Amazing Spider-Man" was the last folder I had open in ComicRack. So let's say I wanted to click on the Uncanny X-Men theme to read a comic from that series/folder. What I need Hyperlaunch to do would be to acccess the config file, change <LastExplorerFolder>Z:\COMICS\Amazing Spider-Man</LastExplorerFolder> to <LastExplorerFolder>Z:\COMICS\Uncanny X-Men</LastExplorerFolder>, re-save the config file, open ComicRack, send F7 (puts ComicRack into folders view), send F10 (turns on the folder sidebar- for some reason the sidebar must be on for the thumbnail images to initially display from te folder), immediately send F10 again to close the sidebar, and ta da! ready to read some comics. The only thing I am presently stumped on is the changing of that one line in the xml. Lashek made a great addition with the Betabrite code to grab the description of the database theme/rom sent in Hyperspin so the folder name could be captured aesily enough, just need to figure the easiest way to put it in the right spot on the xml file and save it. Then the part aftter that is child's play to get working pretty much. So would anyone else use these or just me? Adding a poll here to gauge any interest in making this available once I get it workking. Input apreciated...
  8. Invincer

    HiToText (Hi score support)

    I just tried this out for the first time, tried without hyperlaunch, but on the whee it pops up a 7 zip box asking to extract? anyone experienced this??