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  1. HyperSpin Attraction has a game search feature too that you can use with keyboard or gamepad. You can check the frontend global controls and hotkeys on main menu wheel, bottom green section. Sure, and no problem.
  2. Hi! Hyperspin Attraction uses Attract-Mode (AM) frontend paired with RocketLauncher to replicate and expand the original HyperSpin experience. So with that you can expect some differences how things work internally and you might find better support or answers in AM related places like the forum or discord. 1. It uses no-intro naming (except arcade systems that use mame naming as usual) and "complete" AM romlists with a filter to add games a drag and drop process. For systems already setup, if your games follow the naming indicated they should appear automatically after you add them to the corresponding folders. No roms talk here. 2. Yes, just like in any frontend 3. Not sure what this question means Cheers
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