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  1. Thanks everyone! Without you guys I couldn't even have started... @Carny_Priest: I was thinking about putting it up on the wall, but a topper sounds like a good idea too!
  2. I finally got around taking some pictures after applying the decals. Here you go, hope you like it. The last one is quiet blurry, it's just to show how it looks when the room is darker. Still on the todo list: LEDs and tidying up some of the internal wiring. Will snap a picture of that too, next time I open up the cab.
  3. Thanks Mike! Just received some pics from Lucian, the printing is done! Can't wait for it to arrive...
  4. After a crazy 6 months of work and family-related distractions, I'm back to finish my cabinet. And I also have the finished art ready, check it out. It was done by www.arcadepix.com, who was simply great to work with! The files have been sent to Lucian045 for printing, will shoot you some pictures once I have received them. I'll keep you guys posted about the progress.
  5. You do have a bit of bad luck on this build. I still have 2 Zebulon-made high-power booster boards that I don't need. I can send you those for free if that would help you. Just PM me your address.
  6. Finally had a moment to look into it. It seems that the problem was that I had my tables in directories of their own and the scripts were looking for the ledwiz config in those directories. Now I have everything in the tables directory and it's working!
  7. Thanks for the reply! It'll be a few days before I can try it, will let you know if it worked out.
  8. After spending several weekends on the wiring (pics will follow soon) I finally got all the button LEDs and contractors working in LEDBlinky. I've installed all the necessary tools and started HPLedControl and everything was blinking and the contractors were running wild. Awesome, I thought. Then I started one of the tables. I was greeted by a "Line 0: File not found" script error. I've narrowed the problem down to ledcontrol.vbs by commenting out the last line in core.vbs, after which the table works just fine (without ledwiz support of course). According to the forums, this error message seems to indicate a problem in the ledcontrol.ini. So to rule out a problem there, I've swapped out the ledcontrol.ini supplied by Zebulon (although I'm pretty sure those must be correct) with one from PixelMagic's LED-Wiz configuration utility. Same error. I surely must've missed something very basic here. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  9. I haven't tested FP yet, but I'll give it a try this weekend. Any specific tables that are giving you troubles or would I see the glitches in all of them?
  10. And yes, the faulty line remains when everything is supposed to be blank.
  11. I agree that it makes much more sense that it's a faulty display. I'll just wait for my Pindmd2 and if the problem remains, think about sending the display back to Future Electronics. The line isn't really a showstopper, just a small imperfection. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply. It's the LEE-128G032B. It seems the pixel is working though.
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