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  1. Side and Marquee art- Control Panel and front of control panel Art- I am going to have the art printed soon...
  2. Here are some pictures - Not complete!!! Needs the bezel... But had to show you!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I think I will take your advice and change the bios screen... I should be able to do it. I will try and shell hyperspin as well. I know I am running a 5200rpm boot drive... Not sure why it is taking so long... Time for work!
  4. This is my cab near finished! Software is 97% complete, and the hardware is put together with the exception of the bezel which I will put together this weekend... Stickers for the side and control panel are being made also. Check out the boot up and shutdown sequence! Also, check out my channel which is exclusively about my cabinet building progress! I need some feedback for the current and future builds, so feel free to post here and on my videos! Ohh, and 5D stands for Fifthdread... Fifthdread is like my online alias... lol
  5. Good to hear- because this is no spam... I am working on my bartop cabinet and so far it is amazing... Well, the small progress I have made so far is amazing anyway! More to come as I make progress, but I just wanted to put out that I love hyperspin. It is probably the most beautiful piece of software I have ever seen.
  6. I just joined... This is the best thing I have ever seen. I am so happy!!!! I just discovered this FE and I must say that I am so excited to build my own Bartop Cab that I can barely contain it!
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