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  1. The problem is that excluded folders are temporary in 1803. They get randomly removed later and HS keeps getting deleted. For me the only option was to replace Windows Defender with a 3rd party antivirus but I moved to LTSB altogether and the problem perished (the folder is permanently excluded).
  2. @Aorin LTSB has pretty much identical performance on all games, however, the absence of any crapware working in the background collecting information and munching resources, could of course help with an overall better experience with less unexpected hiccups. @cmlaporte Exactly. It's a global thing going on and why I switched to LTSB. You'll have to install a different antivirus because the Microsoft thing will always turn back on after a reboot and delete random files it falsely detects as malware. It even deleted mIRC and other IRC clients!
  3. It's a "LTS-style" variant of the Enterprise edition. It contains zero bloatware, won't do automatic updates except for security patches (no new features) but it's near impossible to get a legal license as a retail customer. The main problem with regular editions of Windows 10 is that updates can't really be disabled, unless you mess up with the registry (and Microsoft will find a way to bypass that, I'm pretty sure).
  4. 1803 is a real nightmare. Half of my GoG titles stopped working, Photoshop and zbrush have strange hiccups (both up to date) and HyperSpin was reported as a virus. I disabled Defender, excluded both the .exe and the holder, worked fine but after a reboot it was deleted again. Going back to LTSB for good and unfortunately without a real license. 1803 is the Windows ME of Windows 10.
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