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  1. 2 Suggestions: 1. SLI and crossfire don't really seem to help. Put the playfield on one 760 and the BG and DMD on the other. 2. Buttons in coin door work good, but I prefer putting a button inside the door that the coin reject button touches. Sweet VP and mucho sweeter arcade.
  2. A fully working machine could be traded for a broken machine that would be a much better candidate for a VP. That machine has a nice backglass and you can probably get 3-500 euros for it cleaned up.
  3. Put the edge of the TV right under the lock bar. Just make sure your plunger and flipper buttons have clearance. You need that space to put your LED flashers in.
  4. I don't remember where exactly to fix it, but the .ahk autohotkey script that hyperspin uses to launch emulators has some secondary keys programmed to kill the emulator. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?13220-When-I-push-certain-button-combinations-it-exits-rom-and-returns-to-hyperspin
  5. Dude, break down and buy a plunge router. You are working way too hard without it. That dmd board turned out really nice.
  6. I'd buy the cheapest one you can find because in a year, 29" tvs will be even cheaper. I saw a 32" at target the other day for $180 USD. The 24" monitor is nice, but way too small for a BG by today's standards.
  7. Isn't there a good chance of sinking more than 500ma into the ledwiz in that second diagram? WHat is the current required by a knocker?
  8. The setting in vp needs to be switched to 'e'. Keyboard exit should still be esc and 'exit emulator' setting that needs to be 'e' in the settings.ini
  9. directb2S all the way. There is no reason for UVP anymore. It think 2 screen is best for minis and 3 screen is best for full size.
  10. To have the same power as 24V coils, wouldn't 12V contactors require double the current? Maybe ohm's law doesn't apply to pinsim force feedback.
  11. Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I thought the main reason for using 24V contactors is because of the current requirement of the ledwiz. Don't 12V coils require over 500 miliamps?
  12. What kind of PC horsepower are you putting in that mini-pin?
  13. A shutter is the thing you see on a house window. What is being talked about is shudder. I wasn't aware of any shudder issue when a computer has sufficient video card(s).
  14. Mercury switches have too much bounce. Perhaps they could be improved with a proper capacitor. In the end, I went with a MS Sidewinder Pro, but when I tried mercury switches, I used the car alarm ones like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mobilistics-Mercury-Tilt-Switch-for-Alarms-Lights-etc-Hood-Trunk-Lid-Trigger-/190933581402
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