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  1. slydog43


  2. anymore news about a possible HyperPin 2.x?
  3. version 1 does have HyperDMD support now and Version 2 does NOT. ( I have 2 version 1's for sale $50 each)
  4. wow tables look and play great. If only my real DMD could work and ledwiz. Still can freely remap keys, but ts getting better and better quickly.
  5. thanks for sharing, my next cabinet might need some from your collection, as I did almost the same for my first cabinet.
  6. Can't wait to see pics of a finished product, inside and out. Might have to get a spare HyperPin machine just for backup when working of stuff on other cab.
  7. omg, count me in for a kickstarter donation. 1). I think running multiple versions of a progrma or just anyprogram for anything in an xml. That way vp8 can run along with vp9.x along with any future program such as Pinball FX or pinball arcade when it eventually comes out. I just saw a ultracade at a WOZ opening party in PA and couldn't believe it was really a hyperpin program, except I think my cabinet is 10x better. 2). I would like better filtering of tables, such as bowling, early SS, B2S, etc. 3). sub menus maybe 4). LEDWiz integration? 5). PinDMD1 & 2 with hyperDMD and hyperspin I enjoy hyperpin everyday, I'm addicted to adding tables, media, tweaks. Thanks BBB and all authors of tables for what you have given the world.
  8. This looks and plays so nice, Thanks for all your hard work.
  9. Please dont let this topic die, I want micro stutter fixed with ledwiz (or another piece of hardware).
  10. phew, long thread to read through, great stuff. No new news, really loving how well Russ' PinDMD board v2 is and hope to improve the ledwiz side of my cab.
  11. are you going to remove the case on the TV in order to fit in the cabinet?
  12. Sorry what and how do I put it in debugmode (FPLaunch.ahk, Hyperpin, VP?) thanks
  13. I seem to have delayed launching of a table sometimes. I know I hit my start button on the hyperPin screen and nothing seems to happen. I wait a bit and then hit a flipper button and I instantly get the loading animation on the screen and table launches. Any Ideas? Dont remember having this issue with WIP8, only WIP9. Great addition to HP Blur, thanks
  14. How about an button to save the slider settings, so that I may go back to the original png and load up the slider settings and get the same output file. That way I can make small changes later on if I choose to. Great program, really love the look of a vishay dmd with my pincab and now custom dmd screen between games (Im using one that says HyperPin)
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