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  2. Please dont let this topic die, I want micro stutter fixed with ledwiz (or another piece of hardware).
  3. phew, long thread to read through, great stuff. No new news, really loving how well Russ' PinDMD board v2 is and hope to improve the ledwiz side of my cab.
  4. Sorry what and how do I put it in debugmode (FPLaunch.ahk, Hyperpin, VP?) thanks
  5. I seem to have delayed launching of a table sometimes. I know I hit my start button on the hyperPin screen and nothing seems to happen. I wait a bit and then hit a flipper button and I instantly get the loading animation on the screen and table launches. Any Ideas? Dont remember having this issue with WIP8, only WIP9. Great addition to HP Blur, thanks
  6. Instructions working fine for me with wip9 and png instruction card(s). tried single and multiple pngs, both worked fine. I'm using a Ipac with Pinball wizard for plunger and nudging, winxp.
  7. Thanks blur, WIP9 seems to be working fine for my cabinet (with WinXP) althought WIP8 worked quite well with only an occasional hiccup. No hiccups as of yet. YEAH
  8. Thanks for the new updates, Thanks for the new stuff
  9. Thanks that seemed to fix my exiting trouble with vp not completely exited cleanly. Thanks
  10. I dont use UVP, happens on DMD tables, but when I run a B2S it clears the DMD after an exit, weird (Although the table is still running in VP after I exit) Very strange how it didnt always happen to me. Maybe I didnt install everything correctly. Should I be running Visual PinMame 3.0? (I copied over Cabinet 2.4 I thought)
  11. I just created another computer for my cabinet (WinXP SP3) and copied over my hyperPin directory. Sometimes tables dont exit completely now. The DMD is still on and I can here the game when back at hyperpin. I use e as exit key. Really strange. I didnt have this problem before. I am using pinball wizard, but only for the nudging and plunger, not for the flippers. Maybe I have something screwy in my settings.ini file. Stummped. Thanks Blur for a great addition to Hyperpin.
  12. Thanks Blur, WIP8 seems to work with B2S now. What do you mean PreRotate images, should I wait to do all my instruction images? Right now it seems to work great for all my instruction pngs.
  13. I will upload many also. I have to rename to HS standards, but I have all the a's and most of my b's done with Instruction cards, IPDB screen shot, Flyers, and Rules if any exist for table. Playing whitewater FS is taking up time today, thanks for WIP JP. Any chance of uploading fix to WIP7 blur for instruction cards?
  14. great news, I know I have to change my table names to HP standards, but didnt want to do this right now as I have 300 or so FS set up. Starting the massive task of making instruction pngs for all games.
  15. Ok, I have tried a few more things, but nothing has fixed my problem. The problem is that the B2S backglass stays on even when I exit back to hyperPin. If I hit ESC then the B2S goes away. I dont think it is related to my naming, as I have tried many different names (with and without _ ). I think now that it is related to my settings.ini file and the exit keys. I have remapped E as my exit key. Blur can you PM me your settings file?
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