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  1. hey guys, im looking for the theme thats in this video several people have it, its a more modern style main menu in which the joystick in the middle is no longer there. thanks in advanced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5bgheWUaaY
  2. Hey guys I need some help. First, I'm running hyperspin and trying to run dolphin (gamecube) My gamecube roms are .rar zipped. When I try to launch the game in hyperspin or rocketlauncher, I get a loading bar that takes about 15 secs to go from 0-100%. The girl says "loading complete" and then about 10 secs later I get a ahk error... but right when the error happens a second later the game launches. I feel like hyperspin is set to x amount of secs to wait.. Is there a setting I can do or change to extend the time a little but longer??
  3. Will do and try! Much thanks and big thanks for the video!
  4. Hey guys I'm looking to make a collections wheel for super mario I want to put all the super mario games in 1 wheel, but all the games from every system Such as super mariovworlld 1,2,3 mario 64, sunshine, galaxy etc How do u setup rocketlauncher as there is more than 1 emulator?
  5. Nvm got it! Easiest way: go to hyper hq do main menu wizard.. delete the main if you already have it and just add it again but doing it as executable wish I thought of this freaking 4 hours ago ugh
  6. Hope I'm wording this correctly.. but I'm having a hard time with something Here's what I want: I want to have pinball arcade on my hyperspin. I have everything meaning tables and executables. But I don't want hyperspin to break down my tables like it would with mame where you click on mame... then you select a game currently pinball arcade is set to click on pinball arcade then it goes into the second part of showing the table titles i want to avoid all that and simply go from the main menu deirectly into the pinball arcade executable. meaning screen goes black and pinball loads up. i tried following a guys tutorial of him doing super street fighter 4 (which I plan to do) but I keep getting stuck and I wind up deleting my process Thanks in advanced!
  7. rcdude

    Arcade in a case

    Haha thanks bros! I'll post more vids of it and brining it to family houses for the holidays haha
  8. Hey guys not sure if you saw this in the cabinet build page, but check out my new portable arcade i built arcade in a case, and its completely wireless! running on a large battery power bank!
  9. im 90% complete, i just have to mount the pc and the battery pack the objective was to take arcade on the go. this is in a 26 inch long case, surprisingly it is not that heavy. my only downside is the pc it self. at 200 with 4 gig ram, it cant totally handle some games let alone hyperspin. if i exit a game, it takes 20 secs for the controls to be able to react and function again. i got a trip to mexico next week and the plan is to take this sucker with me
  10. Was hard at work... 90% done just need to mount pc and battery pack! many vids on my instagram @vic_vp
  11. Just do some research on tv sizes... it definitely can be doable i converted a old tekken upright, but my screen was totally dead. indefinitmt suggest to go to stores and measure them up. Also think to yourself like I did... I want my arcade to run like an actual arcade... meaning plug it in and boom everything all turns on. so I went to best it and played with a Samsung 28".. dimensions where perfect for me and it turned on once ac power was connected woop! go for it, jus be ready to make a bezel around and such
  12. What's up guys! So I'm happy to say I got my tekken retro fitted and working flawlessly in my place of work. Now onto to my next idea and was wondering if anyone has tried this out yet. has anyone tried doing a complete mobile mame arcade setup? I'm not saying like controller only. I'm talking all out mobile.. something you can take on a plane or a vacation! well I thought about and did some research and have started my own project. im slowly receiving my parts and supplies. But I'm off to a good start. (pics to follow very soon) but off the bat bat I got a minix mini pc, a LARGE battery power bank and a USB powered screen! hopped on the minix forums and sadly I have seen some negative feedback but I figured for the sale price I got it, why not try it. So I picked up the 4g 32gig running windows 10 version. Sadly to see I only had 28 gigs available i ran into huge problems like bios to boot, minix freezing and needing to reset. But after the headaches I actually got it up and running, testing daily and numerous power cycles. #1 drawback: the speed and available storage. Off the bat I could only do my mame files... meaning full themes, wheel art, videos and everything. Sadly not enough space for the videos so I had the themes and the wheel art... awesome.. tested... fail! Pc lagged like a mofo! I was so upset and was gonna give up, but I figured hey let me try something . all in all had to ditch alllll the beauty of videos and themes and stuck to wheel art. So far so good! Got 4,000 games up and running, however cfd of chd roms are mega slow.. gonna have to delete soul caliber and such :/ now awaiting the arcade buttons, case and screen. ill keep you guys posted
  13. got it! thanks i had old version i sappose.. now to play with it haha previews dont seem to work...
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