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  1. hey guys, im having an issue getting rocketlauncher to launch deml shooter along with dolphin for wii shooting games i set up wii shooters on its own wheel and using dolphin emulator and dolphin ahk... i tried setting dolphin exe to launch demul and then dolphin via bat file i got it to work outside of rocketlauncher.. but when i assign rocketlauncher to read the bat as the exe.... rocketlauncher is stuck on the now loading screen. if i set rocketlauncher to read just the dolphin exe, it boots like normal... but i need to add a way to have demul shooter launch before dolphin TIA
  2. got it the genre thing did the trick thank you
  3. Looking for a gun game list for the wii. Anyone have this xml?
  4. Hey guys i need some help. i got a new pc and im having an issue when i first boot the pc and get into hyperspin.. i can load games super fast and fine... but after like 3 different roms, i keep getting errors or slow loads. example: Mame - after like 4 game loads or after 10 min... mame takes a while to load a game. ps2, pcsx2... after 3 different roms... emulator takes a while to load, and then i get hit with a error such as "error detected cant determine if pcsx2 finished loading your game if i resatrt my pc.. im back to normal... but again its either after multiple roms being loaded or after 10 min hyperspin just slows down i read somewhere it maybe related to windows 10 and its version. i downgraded my version of windows 10 and i still have an issue
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