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  1. I cannot imagine that we are talking 3 monitor setup + 1920p in arcade render mode. This is basically impossible with the setup ur talking about. With BAM running it would be even a lesser framrate. Are you talking desktop mode?
  2. I also went with the 16 by 16 Orange PinLED and am still happy with it. Works like on the first day (knock on whood)...
  3. You could also take a look at this new online shop in Germany. The guy has built a number of cabs and is also very active at flippermarkt.de Might be wort checking out. LED DMD for less than 200€ + PinDMD2 for about 85€. http://www.vpin-shop.de/epages/64158583.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64158583/Categories/Anzeigeeinheit just saying...
  4. At flippermarkt.de, the Vishay Plamsma DMDs are currently sold for 150€. They are new. You could check it out. You might just have to register at the forum. They have also a small VPin section. I have bought many parts there, e.g. Widebody lockdownbar, legs, coindoor etc. It's a great place to look for bargains.The Plasma DMDs can be found here: http://www.flippermarkt.de/community/forum/showthread.php?p=1075365#post1075365
  5. For what it's worth: If you want to order from Europe, you might want to check wolfsoft.de for the PinDMD2 and PinLED.de for a reasonably cheap Led DMD. They work perfectly fine with the PinDMD2. I have exactly the same setup. And for 199€, the DMD is really cheap. It is, as has been stated, a matter of personal taste though. If you want an ultra-bright DMD, you should go with Vishay or XPin. However, they will be a little bit more expensive especially with shipping to Europe. PinLED also gives two years full warranty also for Vpin install and in case sth should happen, it's closer to home. This is also why I went with them...
  6. That looks like the same product Maybe some people from Germany are reading along, then the bay.de post might come in handy.
  7. I can recommend this seller, from which I bought vinyl adhesive for my Vpin. It's a nice product and a great price, I would say, and applying it is really easy because of the air release canals. I put it on sealed mdf and have great results. Used it for my DMD panel, the whole backbox, the cab inside and some other parts. I would have used it for the outside as well but for that I needed printed decals. Cutting it with a sharp exacto knife was also real easy. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Premium-3D-Carbon-Folie-schwarz-mit-Micro-Luftkanale-Car-Wrapping-9-18-m-/251191707690?pt=DE_M%C3%B6bel_Wohnen_Dekoration_Befestigung_boards_wandbilder&var=&hash=item3a7c31482a This is where I bought it. Different colors available as well...
  8. This looks like a really nice cab. Excellent job. I guess you have a lot of fun with - even thouh they say - the build is half the joy Really, great looking piece of work. I would just love the opportunity to by a cabinet kit in Germany. Shipping those from overseas is just way too expensive. Maybe one day though... Keep enjoying your cab!
  9. Hey there, I cannot recommend Jan from Arcadeshop.de highly enough. I worked with him with my virtual pinball cab and ordered all the parts for my little bartop arcade from him. Perfect service, relatively broad range of parts - in the UK you can get more stuff, same as in the US, and a great guy to deal with. Also, as from Germany, shipping is really cheap. You can get buttons there, also illuminated ones with a chrome rim, which might be nice for the tron arcade. Sticks are also there in a pretty decent variety. Just check out the website. I would guess you will find whatever you need there! Enjoy the build - it's a least half the fun
  10. There probably is no satisfying answer to your question, since there are just so many different manufacturers and types of sticks out there on the market I, similar to gigapig, prefer these T-Sticks (4/8 ways) from arcadeshop.de. Also, I have come to meet the seller as a very reliable and friendly seller to deal with. I had tons of questions when I built my first cab and almost on a daily basis asked some stuff. I also bought lots of gizmos with the guy for my VPin later on. Excellent service and delivery times. Back to the sticks though The T-Sticks are original fighting sticks that were also featured in the MK arcade. They have a nice feel and relatively short response time. It depends on what kind of games you love playing most, I guess. For the occasional SHMUP, fighting game and some MS I sure do love em.
  11. Hey there captain, I got mine at arcadeshop.de, which has been my first adress for everything cab related along my build. Great service, great parts .Woud always shop there again. The transparent buttons are the shorter ones but I custom built the connector setup anyways so therefore it wasn't really a problem
  12. I am glad you are as happy with the "lighting" method I suggested as I was with it in my cab. You did an excellent job and those buttons shine really nice and bright. I also had a chance to take a look at your artwork and have to say - WOW. This is gonna be one hell of a cab Really impressive. I just made an update to my LED illumination I would want to share: I went with small rbg LED. Same procedure of mounting and everything. Benefit for me: Via an LEDWiz routine, I can now light the buttons in the very respective color of the table I am playing; Transformers, e.g., has blue buttons in reality, thus the buttons are illuminated blue. I did that with all my tables and really like this nice add on. It just a simple +1 though
  13. Hey there, congrats on your build so far. I came along nicely and looks really great I have just finished my corpus for my pinball machine and am now thinking of the size of the backbox. Since I have built my cab for a 42" screen, I made my cab 10% shorter than the original (118cm). Thus, the backbox, which is going to house a 27" screen + DMD should not get too big. I like the setup of you backbox and was wandering whether you might want to share your measurements? Thanks a lot! Jogzter
  14. Hey everyone, I have been particularly fascinated with the designs of the retrocade bartop and have started my own build based on the plans available in here. I have drawn an - to my mind - exact replica of the sides and the different parts according to the exact measurements given in the description out of cardboard (having calculated of course, that cardboard is way thinner than 12mm MDF). The problem I am having now, the parts basically don't add up properly. Also, it is almost impossible to fit in my 19" monitor (4:3, display hight 30,5cm). If I will follow the plans, part of the monitor would be covered even without needing a proper bezel; taking a look at the other builds this can't be, basically, which makes this even weirder. Obviously, I am doing something wrong here. I am wondering though, whether everybody followed the plan to the detail or whether you actually free-styled the build basically taking the plan as an inspiration. I am totally lost here and would love some feedback. Mikekim, please, don't take this as criticism, for I really love your build, but I am having these troubles and just didn't know how to get this sorted out otherwise. Thanks a bunch!
  15. That's exactly it. Pictures says more than a 1000 words, eh?!
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