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  2. I wasn't sure where to post this, but the Hyperlist XML game list for NES has a name that may need to be changed. The game listed on the NES Hyperlist XML is "Demon Sword - Release the Power (USA)". The latest no-intro dat file list the name as "Demon Sword (USA)". I only brought this up because its one of my favorite games as a kid and I couldn't get it to list in HyperSpin. The workaround is to rename the rom, but just wanted to let those who manage the Hyperlist know.
  3. On my HyperSpin Cab I have 30-45 games listed. I usually update my mame roms and mameui every other major version release. I use clrmamepro and run a scan to fix/update my existing set with the latest DAT and updated Rom set. Once all the roms are updated I manually copy and overwrite each individual game in my mame's rom folder for hyperspin. As you can see it is time consuming as I increase my game list. So how do you guys update your games list? Does clrmamepro have the option to only scan fix/update my existing hyperspin mame roms rather than adding the entire rom collection to it?
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