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  1. Mame HyperSpin Intro Video - looking for alternatives to what it's included in the default set up when the Mame selection comes up in the main wheel view. Was looking for one with 80s games (for the example defender, paceman, etc.). I am using the default one that starts with a fighting game, would be great to know how to change the default video and where to download a new one.
  2. Thank you Agent47. One question, I am using a wireless Gamepad F710 Jostick. Is there a way to set that up so that I can scroll through the games? If so how would I do that?
  3. Thank you. I see how you add favorites, but how would you select a favorites only wheel?
  4. How to select what Mame games are displayed on Wheel? I am running HypeSpin a Windows 10 box and would like to select many of the Mame games that are being displayed on the wheel. I see under Wheel Filters: Themes Only, Wheels Only, Parents Only and Roms Only. I have selected Parents and Roms, but still wish to reduce the number of games. Without having to delete roms is there any other way to accomplish this? Also I dont see a filter for selecting games with just Videosnaps. Is there a way to accomplish that?
  5. Dosgamer


  6. Thank you. Very helpful. When you are next at your PC and have a moment, would it be possible to send which ini files I need to change and what changes I will need to make? I am using Windows 10. Thank you again for your help.
  7. A few questions using Hyperspin Wheel: 1) is there a way to simply type game name in Wheel View? Say I wanted to bring up Defender, is there a way to type Defender and bring up the game? 2) in mame game view there are many duplicate roms showing up on the wheel. How to do I get rid of these duplicates or alternative games? 3) what are the basic Wheel commands i.e. how to add favorites, how change from favorite game view to all game views? Was looking for basic / optimal wheel settings/ navigation tips. Thanks
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